Monday, August 27, 2007


Rainbow and Posie were always quite curious about one thing. And they had never had the chance to figure it out.

"What was it?", you ask?

"Yes, Posie,", said Elephant,"What is it that you are so curious about?"

"Well, Rainbow and I never really understood where underpants came from.", said Posie.

"You see," said Rainbow,"Posie and I, being cats, do not wear underpants. Nor do you, Elephant. Or Sea Otter, or anyone in the forest, except for Dee Dee, Neil and Hunter, and he wears Diapers!"

"Yes, I suppose that's true", said Elephant,"But then why are you curious?"

"Well, we were at the Beach and a underpants filled ship must have turned over or something."

"Really?", said Elephant,"What happened?"

"Well," said posie,"It was quite a sight to see. There were hundreds of pairs of underpants and there wer also many many people swimming."

Rainbow remembered it like it was yesterday.

"When did this happen?", asked Elephant.

"Well, yesterday", said Rainbow,"It was very strange, there were dozens upon dozens of people swimming in the ocean when the underpants came to shore. They were all covered in underpants."

"Yes!", said Posie,"There were small underpants, long underpants, spotted underpants, striped underpants, girl underpants, boy underpants, many different kinds of underpants. And all the people who were at the beach swam into them.

"Yes, it was something, there was one little kitten who managed to get all tangled up in a frilly underpant. Luckily the lifeguard was able to save her although the lifeguard came out covered in underpants.

"There were underpants everywhere."

"In the end", Rainbow said, "There were these dudes in a yellow truck which said 'underpants removal service' who came to collect the underpants.

"Well," said Elephant,"Why not call them and ask them where underpants come from?"

"That's a good idea," said Posie, who left to get her phone.

They called the number and the underpants collectors said they should go to wally's underpant factory and get a tour.

So they did.

They arrived at a building and even it was shaped like underpants. With two tall towers connected at the top with a big oval top, sort of like long underpants.

"Welcome to Wally's underpants factory, I'm wally!", said Wally.

"Thanks for hosting us, Wally", said Posie,"We met one of your friends and he said to call you if we wanted a tour."

"Indeed, let's go on the tour.

Well, the tour was fun. They learned how underpants were made, how fabric was sorted and chosen in all the colors, patterns and fabrics. They were going to the last part of the tour, the storage room. Here was an amazing sight.

As far as the eye could see , and as high as you might imagine, there were underpants. Stripey underpants, thick underpants, thin underpants, tight underpants and loose underpants.

And Elephant, well, he made a mistake. He was so surprised at the number of underpants that he jumped in surprise.

"*eeeemummm*", he said, which is his surprised noise.

When he jumped, he whammed into the forklift, and in doing so turned the forklift on 'high'.

The forklift was filled with underpants and went shooting forward until , shortly, it rammed into the wall holding the vastly huge tower of underpants.

The underpants went flying. Rainbow was covered in pink frilly underpants. Powise was covered in Boxer shorts and elephant was covered by all manner of cat patter underpants.

It was quite a sight, to see Rainbow, Posie and Elephant walk home with underpants all over them.

The End

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Koto's First Tooth

Well, one day Rainbow and Posie woke up to a surprise. They noticed that their kitten Koto had one tooth that was wiggly. It was the first time this kitten was to lose a baby tooth on her road to cathood.

So, Koto was excited. She had heard of the tooth fairy and was -very- interested in seeing what would happen. Eventually, after much tongue-tooth-wigglement, the tooth feel out!

"Look Rainbow! Look Posie!" , Koto said, "My tooth came out."

"Wow!", said Rainbow,"What a big Kitty you are! Let's put it in a star shaped tooth pillow for the tooth fairy tonight!"

"Indeed we should!", said Posie.

And that is exactly what they did! They took Koto's tooth and put it in the little white pillow, no bigger than a silver dollar pancake.

Koto slept. When she woke up, do you know what she found?

There, underneath her pillow was a small bag, and in that bag was a....

"Fish necklace!", Koto screamed out in joy,"Just what I always wanted! Rainbow! Posie! Come See!"

And they did come see and they could also see how very happy Koto was, and that made them as happy as they could be.

The End

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Great Sandwich Swap

One day, Rainbow, Posie, Elephant, Flappy and Floppity hoppity Bunny were very hungry. They decided that the answer to their problem was: Sandwiches.

They called up their local deli and each asked for a sandwich. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell them which sandwich was for whom. So...

Right as they were getting incredibly hungry. Almost, to the point where they were considering making soup from their dirty shoes,The sandwiches arrived.

Each one of them was in such a hurry that, as hungry animals will do, they grabbed a sandwich and ran back to thier private rooms.

As Bunny opened her sandwich and chomped down, she said "YUCK!" when she saw it was filled with acorns. She -hated- acorns. She loved carrots. But do you know who -loved- acorns? Elephant. But he didn't like acorns, he liked big huge sandwiches full of peanuts. But, do you know what he got?

A sandwich, a teeny weeny little sandwich that was filled, simply, filled with bugs!

"Ew!", said Elephant upon seeing the beetle covered, roach infested, moth attracting bug sandwich. "Where did my peanut sandwich go!"

Well, as you might imagine, a little teeny kitty cat, has a pretty hard time dragging an -enormous- peanut sandwich, through the forest, up the tree and into her room. Rainbow, tried to bite into the 4 foot by 4 foot by 1 foot sandwich, to no avail.

"This is the biggest sandwich ever!", she said,"And it smells like peanuts! Not Fish!"

She was right because right at that moment, a screecy, bat named flappy hollared out "Ewwwwwwwwww! I really really dislike fish!"

And at the same time, Posie said "Ewwwwwwwwwww who ordered a carrot sandwich?"

And that's when they realized, that indeed, the sandwiches had gotten switched.

So they all went back to the clearing and when they went to swap sandwiches, flying from high in trees came an enormous peanut sandwich.

*woooooosh* *plop*

It hit the ground, sending peanuts -everywhere-. As you might expect this caused the kitties and elephant and Flappy to trip and fall and -their- sandwiches went flying.

*kerplop* *kersplat* *kerplosh* they went into everything.

And that, my friends, was a huge mess.

As they cleaned up, the called the deli back up and had new sandwiches delivered. And this time, they checked them first.

The End.

The Short Snowball Fight

One day, Nutsy decided that he was toooooo cold to go outside, where it was even colder. It was winter and Nutsy didn't -like- being cold. He looked out the window and saw Rainbow and Posie playing in the snow.

He thought, "They must be very warm in their beautiful thick fur. I wonder if I could grow more fur?"

He tried. He grunted. He ate lots of eggs and bacon, but none of them made his hair grow much longer than it was.

What was he to do?

Well, he noticed that he had a lot of old clothes hanging about, so he decide to make quilt!

It took him a very long time, but eventually the quilt jacket was done. And he wore it outside.

The moment he went outside, do you know what happened?

*WHAM* rainbow threw a snowball at him.

*WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* posie threw -three!- snowballs at him.

Well, that wouldn't do. He bent over to make a retaliatory snowball when *WHAM* he was hit in the bottom with a snowball.

OOOOOOO he wanted to throw snowball, so he did!

*WHAM* and a snowball hit Rainbow on the nose.

*WHAM* a snowball hit Posie on the bottom!

"meow!" went rainbow and posie as they were hit.

"Okay, that's it.", said Nutsy.

*WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* then the snowball fight was, indeed , over.