Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fish Trouble

Rainbow and Posie were very hungry. So Rainbow came up with a great idea.

"Posie!", said Rainbow,"I have a great idea!"

"Well, what is it Rainbow?", said Posie.

"Well, you know how we always like eating fish?", said Rainbow.

"Yes, I do. I love fish. Would you like to eat some?", said Posie.

"Yes, pretty much all the time, I like to eat fish. But, there's a problem!", said Rainbow.

"What's the problem? We love fish! What kind of problem could fish present?", said Posie,"Are they frozen? Are they old and yucky? Are they not real and are instead plastic fish? Wooden? Are they too teeny tiny to enjoy?"

"No! No! No!", said Rainbow,"We just don't have enough of them in our refrigerator."

"Yes, that's because we buy our fish at the beginning of the week and by the middle of the week, we've eaten all the fish!", said Posie.

"Yes, so...", said Rainbow, "lets fix that problem"

"How?", asked Posie, "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I thought that we could go and learn how to fish!"

"Wow, that's a great idea. Where should we go?"

"Hmm...Well, I know that sea otter knows how to fish. Let's go ask him.", said Rainbow.

"Okay! Let's go", said Posie.

So, they gathered up everything they thought they'd need to go fishing. They grabbed rope, sticks, galoshes, soup, bread, candy, firecrackers, cookies and olive oil. Then they took those things and the sesame seeds to see Sea Otter.

"Sea otter!", said Rainbow, "Are you here?"

"Yes, I here!", said Sea Otter,"What can I do for you!"

"We need to learn how to fish.", said Posie.

"Okay, well....whoa!", said Sea Otter, who had fallen on a spot of olive oil that had dripped out of the bag.

"Wow! Sorry sea otter!", said Rainbow, "I thought we had tightened that up!"

But as she said that, Sea Otter stepped on a slippery dot of oil again and fell!

*crash* *boom* *kersplosh* *kersploosh*

That's the sound that was made when sea otter fell , hitting rainbow , which knocked over the bag full of stuff, which knocked over Posie, who fell onto Sea Otter, and then all the fireworks fell into Sea Otters warm, toasty, fire.

What happens when fireworks fall into a fire?

*pekaow* *boom* *phewue* *kerblam*

The whole forest could hear them going off, but what you don't realize is that thier rope and sticks had fallen in the water, and some fish who were very surprised by the fireworks didn't notice the sticks and ended up getting caught up in the rope!

"Rainbow! look!", said Posie.

"Wow! What a good teacher Sea Otter is! Look at all these fish!", said Rainbow.

"But I didn't do anything!", said Sea Otter.

"Sure you did Sea Otter", said Posie," if it weren't for you putting the fireworks on the fire, the fish never would have been distracted enough to get tangled up in our fishing gear! You are a GREAT fisherotterperson."

So, Sea Otter said,"Well, I guess so. But next time, leave the fireworks at home!!!"

The End

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A short stargazing story

"Wow!", said Posie.

"Yes, it's very pretty isn't it?", said Rainbow.

"Boy, isn't it.", said Posie, looking through the telescope, "I've never seen the moon so bright before!"

"Yes, this is quite a telescope", said Rainbow.

"Yes, can we see anything else?", said Posie.

"Yes", said Rainbow, "We can even see a very small saturn, but you an see the rings, too."

"Really?, let's do that!", said Posie.

"Okay", said Rainbow,"All we have to do is move this telescope to here, and then adjust this piece here."

"Can I see?", said Posie.

"Sure", said Rainbow.

"WOW!", said Posie, upon seeing Saturn's rings.

"Yes, it's very pretty."

And the rest of the night, they looked at beautiful things in the sky. The next night, things went quite wrong, but that's for tomorrow.

The End

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby Trouble

"Oh Koto!", said Rainbow,"You probably don't remember when you were just a brand new little kitten. Posie and I didn't really know what we were doing with you yet, and so we'd get in all kinds of messes."

"Mew?", said Koto.

"Yes, indeed," said Posie, "We would make all kinds of messes around your dinnertime. You see, you really like Blueberry flavored baby food. And so Rainbow would try to feed it to you via a spoon."

"But you didn't like spoons, or being fed yet. So you would shake you head, and move your mouth out of the way, and it was such a mess.", said Rainbow.

Posie added, "Well, one day you got so messy, covered in Blueberry, that we had to give a bath after dinner! You were soooooo messy. You left a little trail of blue and a blue ring in the bathtub. There were blue speckles on rainbow and me and on the walls. There were even blue speckles on the tree. So many, that people called it the blue tree."

"And then, you discovered peas!", Rainbow said,"And you would shake your little head and mushed peas would go everywhere! Blue and Green baby food everywhere! It was crazy! IT was like we lived in a big, turquoise, tree!"

"But, you know how to eat now, and we don't make nearly the mess we did. But that time, we had give you a bath after almost every meal. We had to stick your face int he water! You didn't like that very much. ", said Posie.

The End.

Moving Part 2

Moving wasn't so easy. There were so many things to pack.

Posie, for instance, had books, a bed, a lamp, a table, a candle, some fish, Koto's dolls, Koto.

Rainbow had books, a bed, a lamp, a table, a candle, some fish, Koto's books, koto (they both held Koto's paw) and some playing cards and other games.

So they took all their things to the new apartment and then they back for the stuff in the kitchen, which included: Their tea pot, the pans, the food, the silverware, the plates, the platters, the soup bowls, the fish cooking tools, and all the other things, including a shiny blender.

They took all of these things to the new apartment in boxes, and started unpacking, putting all of the stuff into the proper places. That's when they realized something very important about their new apartment.

"Rainbow,", said Posie,"Do you notice anything missing in the kitchen?"

"No, I didn't notice anything missing in the kitchen", said Rainbow.

"Well, I see an oven, a stove, a dishwasher, a fire alarm, cabinets, a table, a trash can, a sink, a blender, and I don't know what is missing!", said Rainbow.

"A refrigerator!", said Posie.

"Wow! You're right," said Rainbow,"I don't see it one either! I guess we'll have to go buy one."

So they went to the store, and looked at the very large ones, the very small ones, and chose neither. They found one that was just right and bought that. It was red and blue and had a big fridge and smallish freezer with an Ice Maker, which is something that Rainbow always wanted.

"Wow!", said Rainbow, "An ice maker!"

They arranged to have it delivered to the new place.

The next day, it arrived and the installer said the funniest thing, "I don't know why people buy two fridges."

"Two?", said Rainbow.

"Yes, two", said the installer,"Didn't you notice this one here?" while pointing at the closet.

"No, we didn't.", said Posie.

"Does it have an ice maker", said Rainbow.

"Looks like it,", said the installer, George.

"Well, I'll be."

To be continued tomorrow!

As the two refrigerators hummed quietly in the kitchen, side by side. Rainbow and Posie knew they had a problem. What would they do with 2 refrigerators?

Maybe the problem wasn't the 2 refrigerators but maybe they just needed more food in the house.

But they could only eat so much. So why would they have that much food. Clearly, they needed roommates.

So, they told their friends in the forest that they needed a few roommates and do you know who wanted to move in?

Well, it turned out that Rainbow and Posie had parents. And they needed a place to live. So Rainbow and Posie decided to invite them to come live with them.

And so they did, they moved in, bringing all their stuff with them and they all lived together happily.

The End!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Moving, part 1

"Is this big enough?", said Rainbow, looking across the main room of what may end up being their new apartment.

"Well, I think so.", said Posie.

"I was being funny", said Rainbow,"This is huge! We'd have this whole apartment to ourselves?"

"Yes, isn't it nice? I could sleep here, you could sleep there and Koto could sleep upstairs.", said Posie.

"I could sleep upstairs with Koto until she's old enough to sleep on her own!", added Posie, "What do you think of that?"

"Well", said Rainbow, "We could trade off from time to time. What do you think Koto thinks? Koto! Are you here?"

Koto poked her head around the corner and went, "Mew?"

"Rainbow and I would like to know what you think, Koto?", she said.

"mew, mew.", which meant 'great!' in kitten.

"Okay, good, let's move in!"

So they did.

To be continued!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mud Problem

"This one?", said Rainbow.

"Yes, that one.", said Posie, "That's my favorite sweater."

"Oh no!", Rainbow exclaimed as she fell upon the sweater. This wouldn't have been so bad, if they weren't walking in their mud room, and the sweater hadn't spoolshed onto the mud.

The mud flew up and *PLOOSH* it hit Posie in the nose. Then Posie fell back and slid into Rainbow, who fell *KERPLOOSH* again onto the mud. This send a geyser of mud into the air, where it arced out of the apartment and onto the branch outside.

This wouldn't have been a big deal if swingy the monkey hadn't just jumped from a vine onto the branch, hitting it just on the mud spot.

"Oh no!", he screeched as he fell head over heels to the ground. THUD he went and then this scared a passing Elephant so badly that he elephant jumped!

Now when an elephant jumps, many things shake. And so fingers, ant and floppity hoppity bunny all fell. Fingers fell into a bowl of molasses! Ant fell onto a plate with cake on it! And do you know where the bunny landed?

Can you guess?

In the carrot field. It was very convenient. All three had very tasty lunches.

The End!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Clown Car Wash

"I don't think this is what you meant.", said Rainbow, looking at the polka dotted, bright pink car, that smelled like cheese.

"Yes, I know. I thought they would clean the car, not make it into a clown car.", said Posie.

"Well," Said Rainbow, "Why do you think they did this?"

"Well, I took my car to the hand car wash place near Frannie's house, and they asked me what kind of scent I liked. I said that I didn't want any sort of cheesy scent. As I think those scents are silly. So I guess they thought I wanted a silly car, with a cheesy scent!"

"Yes, maybe/ But, just maybe, it was a clown car wash. Let's go back to the car wash and see!", said Rainbow.

"Okay," said Posie,"Let's go."

So they drove the car back to the car wash which had made Posie's car smell like cheese and look -very- silly.

"Oh my goodness!", said Rainbow.

"What?", said Posie.

"Well, just look at them. Big shoes. Big rainbow colored hair, silly tummies, silly shirts and all kinds of crazy jokes. I mean, you had to know they were clowns, they're washing your car with the water shooting flowers!"

"You're right, Rainbow, I should have known. Let's see if they put my car back to normal.
", said Posie.

"Excuse me sir?", said Rainbow, "Can I talk with you? My sister Posie wanted a regular car wash, not a clown car wash, can you help her?"

"Sure! We just assume -everyone- wants a clown car wash. Pass you keys here and we'll take care of it.", said the Clown.

They did, and the clowns took the polka dots off and the cheese smell away. And that's the end of the story.

The End