Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby Trouble

"Oh Koto!", said Rainbow,"You probably don't remember when you were just a brand new little kitten. Posie and I didn't really know what we were doing with you yet, and so we'd get in all kinds of messes."

"Mew?", said Koto.

"Yes, indeed," said Posie, "We would make all kinds of messes around your dinnertime. You see, you really like Blueberry flavored baby food. And so Rainbow would try to feed it to you via a spoon."

"But you didn't like spoons, or being fed yet. So you would shake you head, and move your mouth out of the way, and it was such a mess.", said Rainbow.

Posie added, "Well, one day you got so messy, covered in Blueberry, that we had to give a bath after dinner! You were soooooo messy. You left a little trail of blue and a blue ring in the bathtub. There were blue speckles on rainbow and me and on the walls. There were even blue speckles on the tree. So many, that people called it the blue tree."

"And then, you discovered peas!", Rainbow said,"And you would shake your little head and mushed peas would go everywhere! Blue and Green baby food everywhere! It was crazy! IT was like we lived in a big, turquoise, tree!"

"But, you know how to eat now, and we don't make nearly the mess we did. But that time, we had give you a bath after almost every meal. We had to stick your face int he water! You didn't like that very much. ", said Posie.

The End.

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