Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A short stargazing story

"Wow!", said Posie.

"Yes, it's very pretty isn't it?", said Rainbow.

"Boy, isn't it.", said Posie, looking through the telescope, "I've never seen the moon so bright before!"

"Yes, this is quite a telescope", said Rainbow.

"Yes, can we see anything else?", said Posie.

"Yes", said Rainbow, "We can even see a very small saturn, but you an see the rings, too."

"Really?, let's do that!", said Posie.

"Okay", said Rainbow,"All we have to do is move this telescope to here, and then adjust this piece here."

"Can I see?", said Posie.

"Sure", said Rainbow.

"WOW!", said Posie, upon seeing Saturn's rings.

"Yes, it's very pretty."

And the rest of the night, they looked at beautiful things in the sky. The next night, things went quite wrong, but that's for tomorrow.

The End

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