Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fish Trouble

Rainbow and Posie were very hungry. So Rainbow came up with a great idea.

"Posie!", said Rainbow,"I have a great idea!"

"Well, what is it Rainbow?", said Posie.

"Well, you know how we always like eating fish?", said Rainbow.

"Yes, I do. I love fish. Would you like to eat some?", said Posie.

"Yes, pretty much all the time, I like to eat fish. But, there's a problem!", said Rainbow.

"What's the problem? We love fish! What kind of problem could fish present?", said Posie,"Are they frozen? Are they old and yucky? Are they not real and are instead plastic fish? Wooden? Are they too teeny tiny to enjoy?"

"No! No! No!", said Rainbow,"We just don't have enough of them in our refrigerator."

"Yes, that's because we buy our fish at the beginning of the week and by the middle of the week, we've eaten all the fish!", said Posie.

"Yes, so...", said Rainbow, "lets fix that problem"

"How?", asked Posie, "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I thought that we could go and learn how to fish!"

"Wow, that's a great idea. Where should we go?"

"Hmm...Well, I know that sea otter knows how to fish. Let's go ask him.", said Rainbow.

"Okay! Let's go", said Posie.

So, they gathered up everything they thought they'd need to go fishing. They grabbed rope, sticks, galoshes, soup, bread, candy, firecrackers, cookies and olive oil. Then they took those things and the sesame seeds to see Sea Otter.

"Sea otter!", said Rainbow, "Are you here?"

"Yes, I here!", said Sea Otter,"What can I do for you!"

"We need to learn how to fish.", said Posie.

"Okay, well....whoa!", said Sea Otter, who had fallen on a spot of olive oil that had dripped out of the bag.

"Wow! Sorry sea otter!", said Rainbow, "I thought we had tightened that up!"

But as she said that, Sea Otter stepped on a slippery dot of oil again and fell!

*crash* *boom* *kersplosh* *kersploosh*

That's the sound that was made when sea otter fell , hitting rainbow , which knocked over the bag full of stuff, which knocked over Posie, who fell onto Sea Otter, and then all the fireworks fell into Sea Otters warm, toasty, fire.

What happens when fireworks fall into a fire?

*pekaow* *boom* *phewue* *kerblam*

The whole forest could hear them going off, but what you don't realize is that thier rope and sticks had fallen in the water, and some fish who were very surprised by the fireworks didn't notice the sticks and ended up getting caught up in the rope!

"Rainbow! look!", said Posie.

"Wow! What a good teacher Sea Otter is! Look at all these fish!", said Rainbow.

"But I didn't do anything!", said Sea Otter.

"Sure you did Sea Otter", said Posie," if it weren't for you putting the fireworks on the fire, the fish never would have been distracted enough to get tangled up in our fishing gear! You are a GREAT fisherotterperson."

So, Sea Otter said,"Well, I guess so. But next time, leave the fireworks at home!!!"

The End

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A short stargazing story

"Wow!", said Posie.

"Yes, it's very pretty isn't it?", said Rainbow.

"Boy, isn't it.", said Posie, looking through the telescope, "I've never seen the moon so bright before!"

"Yes, this is quite a telescope", said Rainbow.

"Yes, can we see anything else?", said Posie.

"Yes", said Rainbow, "We can even see a very small saturn, but you an see the rings, too."

"Really?, let's do that!", said Posie.

"Okay", said Rainbow,"All we have to do is move this telescope to here, and then adjust this piece here."

"Can I see?", said Posie.

"Sure", said Rainbow.

"WOW!", said Posie, upon seeing Saturn's rings.

"Yes, it's very pretty."

And the rest of the night, they looked at beautiful things in the sky. The next night, things went quite wrong, but that's for tomorrow.

The End

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby Trouble

"Oh Koto!", said Rainbow,"You probably don't remember when you were just a brand new little kitten. Posie and I didn't really know what we were doing with you yet, and so we'd get in all kinds of messes."

"Mew?", said Koto.

"Yes, indeed," said Posie, "We would make all kinds of messes around your dinnertime. You see, you really like Blueberry flavored baby food. And so Rainbow would try to feed it to you via a spoon."

"But you didn't like spoons, or being fed yet. So you would shake you head, and move your mouth out of the way, and it was such a mess.", said Rainbow.

Posie added, "Well, one day you got so messy, covered in Blueberry, that we had to give a bath after dinner! You were soooooo messy. You left a little trail of blue and a blue ring in the bathtub. There were blue speckles on rainbow and me and on the walls. There were even blue speckles on the tree. So many, that people called it the blue tree."

"And then, you discovered peas!", Rainbow said,"And you would shake your little head and mushed peas would go everywhere! Blue and Green baby food everywhere! It was crazy! IT was like we lived in a big, turquoise, tree!"

"But, you know how to eat now, and we don't make nearly the mess we did. But that time, we had give you a bath after almost every meal. We had to stick your face int he water! You didn't like that very much. ", said Posie.

The End.

Moving Part 2

Moving wasn't so easy. There were so many things to pack.

Posie, for instance, had books, a bed, a lamp, a table, a candle, some fish, Koto's dolls, Koto.

Rainbow had books, a bed, a lamp, a table, a candle, some fish, Koto's books, koto (they both held Koto's paw) and some playing cards and other games.

So they took all their things to the new apartment and then they back for the stuff in the kitchen, which included: Their tea pot, the pans, the food, the silverware, the plates, the platters, the soup bowls, the fish cooking tools, and all the other things, including a shiny blender.

They took all of these things to the new apartment in boxes, and started unpacking, putting all of the stuff into the proper places. That's when they realized something very important about their new apartment.

"Rainbow,", said Posie,"Do you notice anything missing in the kitchen?"

"No, I didn't notice anything missing in the kitchen", said Rainbow.

"Well, I see an oven, a stove, a dishwasher, a fire alarm, cabinets, a table, a trash can, a sink, a blender, and I don't know what is missing!", said Rainbow.

"A refrigerator!", said Posie.

"Wow! You're right," said Rainbow,"I don't see it one either! I guess we'll have to go buy one."

So they went to the store, and looked at the very large ones, the very small ones, and chose neither. They found one that was just right and bought that. It was red and blue and had a big fridge and smallish freezer with an Ice Maker, which is something that Rainbow always wanted.

"Wow!", said Rainbow, "An ice maker!"

They arranged to have it delivered to the new place.

The next day, it arrived and the installer said the funniest thing, "I don't know why people buy two fridges."

"Two?", said Rainbow.

"Yes, two", said the installer,"Didn't you notice this one here?" while pointing at the closet.

"No, we didn't.", said Posie.

"Does it have an ice maker", said Rainbow.

"Looks like it,", said the installer, George.

"Well, I'll be."

To be continued tomorrow!

As the two refrigerators hummed quietly in the kitchen, side by side. Rainbow and Posie knew they had a problem. What would they do with 2 refrigerators?

Maybe the problem wasn't the 2 refrigerators but maybe they just needed more food in the house.

But they could only eat so much. So why would they have that much food. Clearly, they needed roommates.

So, they told their friends in the forest that they needed a few roommates and do you know who wanted to move in?

Well, it turned out that Rainbow and Posie had parents. And they needed a place to live. So Rainbow and Posie decided to invite them to come live with them.

And so they did, they moved in, bringing all their stuff with them and they all lived together happily.

The End!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Moving, part 1

"Is this big enough?", said Rainbow, looking across the main room of what may end up being their new apartment.

"Well, I think so.", said Posie.

"I was being funny", said Rainbow,"This is huge! We'd have this whole apartment to ourselves?"

"Yes, isn't it nice? I could sleep here, you could sleep there and Koto could sleep upstairs.", said Posie.

"I could sleep upstairs with Koto until she's old enough to sleep on her own!", added Posie, "What do you think of that?"

"Well", said Rainbow, "We could trade off from time to time. What do you think Koto thinks? Koto! Are you here?"

Koto poked her head around the corner and went, "Mew?"

"Rainbow and I would like to know what you think, Koto?", she said.

"mew, mew.", which meant 'great!' in kitten.

"Okay, good, let's move in!"

So they did.

To be continued!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mud Problem

"This one?", said Rainbow.

"Yes, that one.", said Posie, "That's my favorite sweater."

"Oh no!", Rainbow exclaimed as she fell upon the sweater. This wouldn't have been so bad, if they weren't walking in their mud room, and the sweater hadn't spoolshed onto the mud.

The mud flew up and *PLOOSH* it hit Posie in the nose. Then Posie fell back and slid into Rainbow, who fell *KERPLOOSH* again onto the mud. This send a geyser of mud into the air, where it arced out of the apartment and onto the branch outside.

This wouldn't have been a big deal if swingy the monkey hadn't just jumped from a vine onto the branch, hitting it just on the mud spot.

"Oh no!", he screeched as he fell head over heels to the ground. THUD he went and then this scared a passing Elephant so badly that he elephant jumped!

Now when an elephant jumps, many things shake. And so fingers, ant and floppity hoppity bunny all fell. Fingers fell into a bowl of molasses! Ant fell onto a plate with cake on it! And do you know where the bunny landed?

Can you guess?

In the carrot field. It was very convenient. All three had very tasty lunches.

The End!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Clown Car Wash

"I don't think this is what you meant.", said Rainbow, looking at the polka dotted, bright pink car, that smelled like cheese.

"Yes, I know. I thought they would clean the car, not make it into a clown car.", said Posie.

"Well," Said Rainbow, "Why do you think they did this?"

"Well, I took my car to the hand car wash place near Frannie's house, and they asked me what kind of scent I liked. I said that I didn't want any sort of cheesy scent. As I think those scents are silly. So I guess they thought I wanted a silly car, with a cheesy scent!"

"Yes, maybe/ But, just maybe, it was a clown car wash. Let's go back to the car wash and see!", said Rainbow.

"Okay," said Posie,"Let's go."

So they drove the car back to the car wash which had made Posie's car smell like cheese and look -very- silly.

"Oh my goodness!", said Rainbow.

"What?", said Posie.

"Well, just look at them. Big shoes. Big rainbow colored hair, silly tummies, silly shirts and all kinds of crazy jokes. I mean, you had to know they were clowns, they're washing your car with the water shooting flowers!"

"You're right, Rainbow, I should have known. Let's see if they put my car back to normal.
", said Posie.

"Excuse me sir?", said Rainbow, "Can I talk with you? My sister Posie wanted a regular car wash, not a clown car wash, can you help her?"

"Sure! We just assume -everyone- wants a clown car wash. Pass you keys here and we'll take care of it.", said the Clown.

They did, and the clowns took the polka dots off and the cheese smell away. And that's the end of the story.

The End

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Chase

"Yes, that's perfect", said Posie, "Well, maybe a little to the left."

Rainbow moved the picture of the pickle they saw on their recent trip to the pickle factory a bit to the left. They were trying to center the picture over their mantle.

Rainbow, walked a little to the left.

"A little more", said Posie, a mischievous grin on her face.

"Here?", said Rainbow.

"Nope, a little more...."

Rainbow walked a little more, and a little more and noticed there was a little wind. She looked see....nothing! she had walked out the apartment onto the branch onto ....nothing at all!

She fell!

"Posie!", yelled Rainbow,"I'm going to get you!"

She put down the pickle picture and chased after the running Posie.

Posie was not just a prankster, but a very fast runner. She ran as fast as she could to the stream where sea otter lived.

Sea otter was famous for wearing orange hats and raincoats. You could barely see her under all that gear. Posie knew this and ran to sea otters drying lines behind her dam.

Posie pulled on the orange hat and raincoat and tied them off just as Rainbow came running up.

"Have you seen Posie?", said Rainbow, panting and clearly beside herself.

"Yes, I have!", said Posie,"Thataway!" pointing to the other side of the stream.

Rainbow -hated- water but swam through it to get to what she thought was Posie.

As she got to the other side, Posie took off the hat and raincoat and hollared out to Rainbow "Rainbow! Here I am!" and with a flash she ran off.

Rainbow was -very- unhappy to have gotten all wet when she though sea otter had told her to cross. But it wasn't sea otter at all, but POSIE!

Rainbow ran so fast across the water that she practically floated and walked upon the surface itself. She was -so- upset.

She caught to Posie in the clearing. When she was surprised to hear...

"SURPRISE!", said -everyone- in the forest.

It was Rainbows birthday! Posie was there and wrapped her in a towel, a warm, lovely towel and said "Rainbow, I'm sorry I tricked you , but I wanted to make your birthday something very special. So, let's eat!"

"Wow!", said Rainbow, "that was really something. Let's eat!"

The End

Monday, August 27, 2007


Rainbow and Posie were always quite curious about one thing. And they had never had the chance to figure it out.

"What was it?", you ask?

"Yes, Posie,", said Elephant,"What is it that you are so curious about?"

"Well, Rainbow and I never really understood where underpants came from.", said Posie.

"You see," said Rainbow,"Posie and I, being cats, do not wear underpants. Nor do you, Elephant. Or Sea Otter, or anyone in the forest, except for Dee Dee, Neil and Hunter, and he wears Diapers!"

"Yes, I suppose that's true", said Elephant,"But then why are you curious?"

"Well, we were at the Beach and a underpants filled ship must have turned over or something."

"Really?", said Elephant,"What happened?"

"Well," said posie,"It was quite a sight to see. There were hundreds of pairs of underpants and there wer also many many people swimming."

Rainbow remembered it like it was yesterday.

"When did this happen?", asked Elephant.

"Well, yesterday", said Rainbow,"It was very strange, there were dozens upon dozens of people swimming in the ocean when the underpants came to shore. They were all covered in underpants."

"Yes!", said Posie,"There were small underpants, long underpants, spotted underpants, striped underpants, girl underpants, boy underpants, many different kinds of underpants. And all the people who were at the beach swam into them.

"Yes, it was something, there was one little kitten who managed to get all tangled up in a frilly underpant. Luckily the lifeguard was able to save her although the lifeguard came out covered in underpants.

"There were underpants everywhere."

"In the end", Rainbow said, "There were these dudes in a yellow truck which said 'underpants removal service' who came to collect the underpants.

"Well," said Elephant,"Why not call them and ask them where underpants come from?"

"That's a good idea," said Posie, who left to get her phone.

They called the number and the underpants collectors said they should go to wally's underpant factory and get a tour.

So they did.

They arrived at a building and even it was shaped like underpants. With two tall towers connected at the top with a big oval top, sort of like long underpants.

"Welcome to Wally's underpants factory, I'm wally!", said Wally.

"Thanks for hosting us, Wally", said Posie,"We met one of your friends and he said to call you if we wanted a tour."

"Indeed, let's go on the tour.

Well, the tour was fun. They learned how underpants were made, how fabric was sorted and chosen in all the colors, patterns and fabrics. They were going to the last part of the tour, the storage room. Here was an amazing sight.

As far as the eye could see , and as high as you might imagine, there were underpants. Stripey underpants, thick underpants, thin underpants, tight underpants and loose underpants.

And Elephant, well, he made a mistake. He was so surprised at the number of underpants that he jumped in surprise.

"*eeeemummm*", he said, which is his surprised noise.

When he jumped, he whammed into the forklift, and in doing so turned the forklift on 'high'.

The forklift was filled with underpants and went shooting forward until , shortly, it rammed into the wall holding the vastly huge tower of underpants.

The underpants went flying. Rainbow was covered in pink frilly underpants. Powise was covered in Boxer shorts and elephant was covered by all manner of cat patter underpants.

It was quite a sight, to see Rainbow, Posie and Elephant walk home with underpants all over them.

The End

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Koto's First Tooth

Well, one day Rainbow and Posie woke up to a surprise. They noticed that their kitten Koto had one tooth that was wiggly. It was the first time this kitten was to lose a baby tooth on her road to cathood.

So, Koto was excited. She had heard of the tooth fairy and was -very- interested in seeing what would happen. Eventually, after much tongue-tooth-wigglement, the tooth feel out!

"Look Rainbow! Look Posie!" , Koto said, "My tooth came out."

"Wow!", said Rainbow,"What a big Kitty you are! Let's put it in a star shaped tooth pillow for the tooth fairy tonight!"

"Indeed we should!", said Posie.

And that is exactly what they did! They took Koto's tooth and put it in the little white pillow, no bigger than a silver dollar pancake.

Koto slept. When she woke up, do you know what she found?

There, underneath her pillow was a small bag, and in that bag was a....

"Fish necklace!", Koto screamed out in joy,"Just what I always wanted! Rainbow! Posie! Come See!"

And they did come see and they could also see how very happy Koto was, and that made them as happy as they could be.

The End

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Great Sandwich Swap

One day, Rainbow, Posie, Elephant, Flappy and Floppity hoppity Bunny were very hungry. They decided that the answer to their problem was: Sandwiches.

They called up their local deli and each asked for a sandwich. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell them which sandwich was for whom. So...

Right as they were getting incredibly hungry. Almost, to the point where they were considering making soup from their dirty shoes,The sandwiches arrived.

Each one of them was in such a hurry that, as hungry animals will do, they grabbed a sandwich and ran back to thier private rooms.

As Bunny opened her sandwich and chomped down, she said "YUCK!" when she saw it was filled with acorns. She -hated- acorns. She loved carrots. But do you know who -loved- acorns? Elephant. But he didn't like acorns, he liked big huge sandwiches full of peanuts. But, do you know what he got?

A sandwich, a teeny weeny little sandwich that was filled, simply, filled with bugs!

"Ew!", said Elephant upon seeing the beetle covered, roach infested, moth attracting bug sandwich. "Where did my peanut sandwich go!"

Well, as you might imagine, a little teeny kitty cat, has a pretty hard time dragging an -enormous- peanut sandwich, through the forest, up the tree and into her room. Rainbow, tried to bite into the 4 foot by 4 foot by 1 foot sandwich, to no avail.

"This is the biggest sandwich ever!", she said,"And it smells like peanuts! Not Fish!"

She was right because right at that moment, a screecy, bat named flappy hollared out "Ewwwwwwwwww! I really really dislike fish!"

And at the same time, Posie said "Ewwwwwwwwwww who ordered a carrot sandwich?"

And that's when they realized, that indeed, the sandwiches had gotten switched.

So they all went back to the clearing and when they went to swap sandwiches, flying from high in trees came an enormous peanut sandwich.

*woooooosh* *plop*

It hit the ground, sending peanuts -everywhere-. As you might expect this caused the kitties and elephant and Flappy to trip and fall and -their- sandwiches went flying.

*kerplop* *kersplat* *kerplosh* they went into everything.

And that, my friends, was a huge mess.

As they cleaned up, the called the deli back up and had new sandwiches delivered. And this time, they checked them first.

The End.

The Short Snowball Fight

One day, Nutsy decided that he was toooooo cold to go outside, where it was even colder. It was winter and Nutsy didn't -like- being cold. He looked out the window and saw Rainbow and Posie playing in the snow.

He thought, "They must be very warm in their beautiful thick fur. I wonder if I could grow more fur?"

He tried. He grunted. He ate lots of eggs and bacon, but none of them made his hair grow much longer than it was.

What was he to do?

Well, he noticed that he had a lot of old clothes hanging about, so he decide to make quilt!

It took him a very long time, but eventually the quilt jacket was done. And he wore it outside.

The moment he went outside, do you know what happened?

*WHAM* rainbow threw a snowball at him.

*WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* posie threw -three!- snowballs at him.

Well, that wouldn't do. He bent over to make a retaliatory snowball when *WHAM* he was hit in the bottom with a snowball.

OOOOOOO he wanted to throw snowball, so he did!

*WHAM* and a snowball hit Rainbow on the nose.

*WHAM* a snowball hit Posie on the bottom!

"meow!" went rainbow and posie as they were hit.

"Okay, that's it.", said Nutsy.

*WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* then the snowball fight was, indeed , over.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rainbow and Posie play Tennis

One day, Rainbow and Posie decided that they wanted to go on a hike. They climbed down thier tree, and walked to the stream. They changed thier mind though, when they saw how very scary the clouds looked.

"Wow! Those clouds are quite dark and ominous, aren't they", said Posie.

"Yes, they are, maybe we shouldn't go on a hike today. Maybe, we should go to the indoor tennis courts and play some tennis."

"That's a good idea! Let's go.", said Posie.

So they did, they ran as fast as they could to the tennis court so that they wouldn't get wet.

They got to the court, just in time. The storm has just begun.

As they waited for a court, things outside got darker and dark, finally rain started falling in earnest. And lightning lit up the sky. And thunder *BOOMED* scaring Rainbow a -lot-, and when rainbow was scared, do you know what happened?

She jumped as high as she could and sadly, landed on Posie's head, then she fell against the display of tennis balls. The tennis balls started to roll off the pyramid of balls and fall to the ground and as quick as they could ,they picked up the balls and made the pyramid again, which a good thing.

It was good because just then the shopkeeper came in and said "Oh thanks for tidying up my pyramid of tennis balls."

So after that, they played thier game until the storm ended. And then they went home.

The End.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rainbow, Posie and Koto visit the Rubber Ball and Fan Store

Did I ever tell you about the time that Rainbow, Floppity Hoppity Bunny and Posie went to the Fan and Rubber Ball store?

Well, it was something else, I tell you what.

You see, Rainbow was getting hot. It was summer in the forest and the sun was beating down on the tree that Rainbow and Posie called home.

"Is there nothing that will cool us down?", said Rainbow.

"Well", said Posie, "We could go to the Fan store and see what they have."

"That's a good idea."

And right as Rainbow said that, there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?", called out Posie.

"ME!", said Floppity Hoppity Bunny.

"Ah, good! Come in!", Posie said.

Floppity Hoppity Bunny opened the door and came in, "Hi Everyone!", she said," What are you doing today?"

"Well,", said Posie,"We were planning on going to the Fan store"

"Oh, great. I could use some rubber balls."

"Rubber Balls?", said Posie.

"Yes, that same store sells rubber balls. All kinds!", said Floppity Hoppity Bunny.

"Great! Let's go!", said Rainbow.

And so they went. They walked down to town and found the store.

They walked into the store and Rainbow said, "Hi, we'd like to see your fans."

There were big fans, little fans, fast fans, safe fans, and all the rest. Thier little kitty Koto was with them in their basket and simply loved the feel of all those fans over her fur.

"And I need to....oh there they are!", Floppity Hoppity Bunny said, walking to the display of Rubber Balls.

You might be able to figure out what happened next. You see, Floppity Hoppity Bunny was so excited that she miscalculated her jump and jumped right onto the display of balls, sending balls flying everywhere!

Well, some of those balls hits the fans and bonced and those balls hit more displays of balls and those balls bounced everywhere too.

Soon there were balls bouncing off of every surface. The walls, the floor, the cieling, even Rainbow, Posie, Koto and Floppity Hoppity Bunny!

It was a big mess, but do you know how the storekeeper stopped all those balls from bouncing.

Well, I'll tell you.

She decided to pull the plug on the whole store. Flipping a very big switch on the wall, all of the fans stopped turning. And since the fans didn't turn, the balls slowly but surely came to rest on the ground.

And, you might imagine, Rainbow, Posie and Floppity Hoppity Bunny helped clean up. Koto, well, she just slept.

The End.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Raibbow and Posie go Paragliding.

Rainbow and Posie were -not- Birds. They were cats. Cats are sleek, sweet, soft, cozy and in this very important way, they had no wings. So you can see, they were -not- birds.

So why, I ask you, was Rainbow and Posie flying through the air, with huge wings above them? How did they get there? Were they going to be okay?

Well, let's take a step back in time. Earlier that morning, Rainbow and Posie were awoken by the trill of a bird. A loud bird. Rainbow asked the bird, "Why did you wake us up? We were sleeping!"

"Oh yes, we know, we just love flying so much that we have to sing about it.", said the Blue bird, who was very blue today.

"Well, what's so great about flying?", asked Posie.

"What's so great about flying?", said the bird.

"Yes!", said Rainbow, "What's so great about flying!?"

"Well, you'll have to see for yourself.", said the bird.

"Well, I don't think that's going to happen.", said Posie, "I've have not any wings, nor does Rainbow."

"Yes, but you can get them. Call up barry in town and he can teach you how to paraglide."

"Paraglide?", said Rainbow,"What's that?"

"Well, it's a big, steerable, winged, parachute. It's so much fun, almost as fun as flying the way we do.", said the Bird, who flew away.

Rainbow and Posie winked at each other and decided to try out paragliding. So they walked to town, found Barry and got some simple safety lessons, so they wouldn't fall.

So, the next day. Rainbow and Posie were with a fellow, attached each to one paraglider person and in the air before they knew it. It was, indeed, something to sing about.

The End.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ranbow and Posie Learn to Fly

Rainbow and Posie were -not- Birds. They were cats. Cats are sleek, sweet, soft, cozy and in this very important way, they had no wings. So you can see, they were -not- birds.

So why, I ask you, was Rainbow and Posie flying through the air, with huge wings above them? How did they get there? Were they going to be okay?

Well, let's take a step back in time. Earlier that morning, Rainbow and Posie were awoken by the trill of a bird. A loud bird. Rainbow asked the bird, "Why did you wake us up? We were sleeping!"

"Oh yes, we know, we just love flying so much that we have to sing about it.", said the Blue bird, who was very blue today.

"Well, what's so great about flying?", asked Posie.

"What's so great about flying?", said the bird.

"Yes!", said Rainbow, "What's so great about flying!?"

"Well, you'll have to see for yourself.", said the bird.

"Well, I don't think that's going to happen.", said Posie, "I've have not any wings, nor does Rainbow."

"Yes, but you can get them. Call up barry in town and he can teach you how to paraglide."

"Paraglide?", said Rainbow,"What's that?"

"Well, it's a big, steerable, winged, parachute. It's so much fun, almost as fun as flying the way we do.", said the Bird, who flew away.

Rainbow and Posie winked at each other and decided to try out paragliding. So they walked to town, found Barry and got some simple safety lessons, so they wouldn't fall.

So, the next day. Rainbow and Posie were with a fellow, attached each to one paraglider person and in the air before they knew it. It was, indeed, something to sing about.

The End.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Bookshelf was a Disaster!

Posie's bookshelf was a disaster.

Normally, it was quite tidy and neat, with one shelf for soft cover books. One shelf for golden books. One shelf for special books and one shelf for magazines.

But, that was not how it was today. It was ....a.....disaster.

Not the ordinary, run of the mill disaster, oh no, it was a total disaster. First off, half the books were not even on the shelf. They were on the couch, the bed, the floor, the table and Posie was very frustrated.

She knew Rainbow was to blame. She had left that morning and everything was in tip-top ship-shape . Now, she comes home and it was a -----disaster----.

What was she to do. Well, she knew that she had to talk to Rainbow about it.

Luckily, the door opened and through it, at just that moment, came Rainbow.

"Rainbow!", said Posie.

"Yes, wow! What a disaster!"

"Yes, I wanted to speak with you about that, Rainbow.", said Posie.

"What about?", said Rainbow.

"Did you make this mess?", said Posie.

"Goodness no! This is not just a mess, it's a disaster and I'd maybe make it a little untidy, but this ....well...this is just toooo much for me."

"Well, who did it then?", said Posie.

"Well, we did let elephant have a key. Maybe we should go ask him.", said Rainbow.

At that moment, there was an enormous crash from the bathroom!

Out came Elephant! Who had just used the bathroom, and do you know what Elephant said?

"What a disaster!", said Elephant!

"What!", said Rainbow.

"What!", said Posie," We thought that maybe you had done this."

"Oh no, I just stopped by to use your bathroom", said Elephant, "and it was fine when I got into the bathroom, and it's a disaster!"

"Yes, but....", and that is when Rainbow, with her terrific, catlike sense of hearing heard.... flllluf....which as you know is the sound of a page being turned.

"Who was that!", said Rainbow and Posie.

"Just me! Sea otter!", said sea otter.

Now, not many know this, but sea otters love to read. And they read very fast and very very messily.

"Don't worry!", said sea otter, as a book bounced against rainbows nose, "That was a good book! I'll clean up when I'm done reading!" and another book went ....*bonk* against Posie's head and then two bounced off elephants ears, then another against his trunk. It was like a crazy book reading machine, sea otter was....

Indeed, sea otter did help to clean up though. And that, is , the end...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nutsy Goes to the Doctor

One day, Nutsy decided that he wasn't having a very good day. He had woken up and he felt terrible. Creaky. Coughy. Sleepy. He hadn't slept well at all. In fact the other squirrels had kicked him out of the bedroom into the front room so his noisiness wouldn't keep them awake.

He decided it was time to go to the Doctors. So, he caught a passing elephant (who said "Hi Nutsy!") and Elephant dropped him off at the Doctors near the hospital.

After filling out his name on a list, he waited for a little while and was called into a small room. A nurse was there and he said "Please tell me how you feel?"

Nutsy described how he felt: Awful. He described in minute detail the problems he'd been having sleeping and such. The nurse said that was a shame and the doctor would be in to see him soon.

So, Nutsy waited, reading an old magazine for kids and squirrels. If was called "Acorn" magazine. Insider it had games and puzzles and mazes and stories. It was a good magazine, and Nutsy was considering subscribing when the doctor came in.

The doctor took our her stethoscope and placed it on Nutsy's heart and asked him to breathe in deeply. He did. The doctor said, "Well, it sounds like you have a cold. Please go home and drink some chicken soup and sleep some and check yourself again. Keep sleeping and drinking a lot of fluids and you'll be right as rain before you know it."

So, he did. And he felt, in only a few days, terrific.

The End.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Elephant Learns to Juggle

One day, Elephant decided that he wanted to learn how to juggle. He only knew one person who knew how to Juggle. Do you know who that is?

That's right. Sea Otter. She is a fantastic juggler. She manages to juggle all kinds of things at once, even using her flippy, floppy tail to help out.

So Elephant set out to find Sea Otter to see if she would teach Elephant how to Juggle.

As Elephant walked along the stream, he called out "Sea otter! Sea otter! Are you there?"

And eventually, Sea Otter said "Yes, I'm here. What can I do for you Elephant?"

"Well, I need to learn how to juggle and you are the best juggler I know."

"Well, I'm pretty good, but you should meet my friend, the eggman. "

"The eggman?"

"Yes, the eggman. He can juggle eggs, big boxes of powdered sugar, honey and cats all at the same time."


"Yes, he's very good at this and is a great teacher. However, he will only teach you if you loan him some cats to juggle for a day."

"Well, I guess I need to go find Rainbow and Posie.", said Elephant.

So elephant went and found Rainbow and Posie, who were at home.

"Rainbow, Posie?", said Elephant, "I have a favor to ask of you."

"What is it Elephant?"

"Well, you see, I'm interested in learning how to juggle."

"Oh no! Not the eggman! We've heard about him!"

"Yes, what do you say? Are you game."

"Well," Rainbow said with a sigh, "I guess it would be okay. Because we used to work for him , and being juggled is actually kind of fun."

"Oh, okay, let's go then.", said Elephant.

So they did, they went into town when Eggman had a juggling school.

"Welcome to my juggling school!", said Eggman. "I'm just finishing up my class."

Elephant looked over Eggman's shoulder to see a class of 5 or 6 animals juggling different things. Like eggs, glasses, christmas ornaments, porcelain dolls, and more.

"Wow! You look like you could really teach!"

"Yes, I'm the best. But I have a price......RAINBOW! POSIE! Did you come to be juggled?"

"Yes, we did, for our friend Elephant."

"Cool! Let's juggle."

Now, what's funny is not that he wanted to juggle cats. Which is not what he likes to do. He likes to juggle -with- cats. With everyone juggling. You see, cats are natural jugglers, and able to juggle from birth and they can juggle on their tails and ears and bottoms and everywhere.

So that's what they did, the juggled a lot. They juggled together, passing things back and forth between each other.

Then, elephant tried to juggle too. He hopped in between a very complicated egg, honey, candy and bowling pin juggle.


Elephant, Rainbow, Eggman and Posie were -covered- in honey, candy, powdered sugar and flour. It was a huge mess and took -forever- to clean up.

It was quite a mess, but with time, Elephant became a very good juggler.

The End.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rainbow and Posie practice poor computer security

Yes, sometimes, I just don't have a story in me:

"What's your password?", asked Rainbow.

"Well, I don't think I should tell you", said Posie, "Then, it wouldn't be a secret."

"Oh, okay. Well, my password is very clever.", said Rainbow.

"Is it Fish?", asked Posie.

"How did you know?", said Rainbow.

"Well, it is your favorite thing in the whole wide world.", said Posie.

"Yes, it is. So is yours 'Cake'", said Rainbow.

"No," said Posie.

"Ice Cream?", said Rainbow.

"No.", Said Posie.

"Is it....hmmmmmmmmmmm", said Rainbow, "is it..... RAINBOW?"

"YES! How did you know.", said Posie, who was very surprised.

"Well, I just Guessed and there it was!", said Rainbow.

"Well, we'll both need new passwords. Something that no one else will think of.", siad Posie.

"Yes, indeed", said Rainbow.

So Rainbow and Posie picked new passwords for thier computers. And they did -not- tell each other what it was.

But, dear reader, I'll tell you what they were.

"Posie" was Rainbow's and "Fish" was Posie's new password.

The end.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The great fish and nut swap

One day Nutsy and Futsy decided that they did -not- have enough nuts to last the winter. In case you didn't know, Squirrels -love- nuts. Acorns, brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts and so many others. They had a fair number of Acorns, but they had very refined taste.

So, it was time to go to the nuthouse. At the nuthouse, they'd be able to find all of the nuts they needed for winter.

So, they climbed down the tree and walked, and walked, and walked until they got to the nuthouse in the small town near the forest.

Inside was a kind old Cat named Chuco, who said, "Welcome to the nuthouse, my fine furred friends. Can I help you at all today?"

"Yes, we need some brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans and walnuts.", said Nutsy.

"Well, we have all of those. How much do you need?"

"We need enough for 1 winter for 4 squirrels."

"Okay, let me go in back and set that up."

So he did, he came out with a bill. "I can deliver this tomorrow for you if you like. Or today, but much later."

"Okay, sounds good to us."

So Chuco also owned the fish store next door. But, something happened that night. He meant to deliver many many buckets of fish to Rainbow and Posie, and many many barrels of nuts to the Squirrels.

But he made a mistake.

He sent the fish to the Squirrels and the nuts to the Cats.

This was -clearly- not right.

The cats, who like nuts just fine, wondered what the nuts were for.

The squirrels, who really really don't like fish, were outraged! Where were thier brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts? They should have been delivered by now.

So they called up the store.

"Hello?", said Chuco.

"Yes, hello. My name is Nutsy."

"Oh yes, Nutsy how are you? How are those nuts doing."

"I'm sure their fine, but all we have here are many many buckets of fish."

"OH NO!", said Chuco, realizing what he had done. "I'll be there very soon!"

And he was, he came and collected the the Fish and took them to Rainbow and Posie's house and took the brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans and walnuts over to the Squirrels.

They were very happy and since Chuco moved so fast, the Squirrels were able to have their brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans and walnuts in time for winter.

The End.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Posie Lost

One day, Rainbow was walking down the path that ran in the middle of the forest.

She was looking for her roommate, Posie. Posie had been gone all day! This made Rainbow a little worried.

First, she went to Elephants house and rang the doorbell.

"YESSSSS?", came the voice of Elephant.

"It's me, Rainbow", said Rainbow,"I'm looking for Posie, have you seen her?"

"No, I've not. Maybe you'll see her later.", said Elephant.

"Okay, thanks!", said Rainbow and she got back on the path. She soon came to sea otter's hutch.

"Sea otter? Are you there?", she said. But, there was no reply. Which was odd, Sea Otter almost never left his hutch before 2 or 3 o'clock pm.

So Rainbow walked to Nutsy's house and knocked on the door.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

"Who's there?", said Nutsy.

"Me! Rainbow.", said Rainbow, "Just wondering if you have seen Posie."

"Well, no, but have you seen Futsy, Sutsy and Klutsy?"

"Why no!", said Rainbow, "Are they lost?"

"No, probably not, but I'm, a little worried.", said Nutsy.

"Hmmm", said Rainbow, "maybe we shoud go out and look for them together?"

"Sure! That's a great idea. Let's start at the clearing."

"Good idea", said Rainbow.

So they walked to the clearing on the top of the hill. Rainbow was last and Nutsy was first. As they came over the top, Rainbow ran ahead, which, when you think about it, is a little weird. Nutsy chased after Rainbow and managed to slow her down a bit.

Nutsy made it to the top first, and then, Rainbow made it to the top.

WHERE ALL HER FRIENDS and Posie WERE WAITNG! And they all said, at once, "SURPRISE" .

It was a surprise party! And rainbow was very surprised, but, it was her birthday, so it was a very good surprise.

The End.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rainbow and Posie get a Haircut

One day, Rainbow and Posie woke up from a long nights sleep.

Rainbow looked at Posie.

Posie looked at Rainbow.

"Wow. We need haircuts, don't we?", said Posie.

"Yes", said Rainbow, "we most certainly do!"

So they got out of bed, went down the tree to the path at the base of the tree.

"Who should we have cut our hair?", asked Rainbow.

"Well, how about swingy?", said Posie.

"NO!", said Rainbow, " She'd make a huge mess of things, she'd make us look like -monkeys!"

"Hmm," said Posie, "Howsabout elephant?"

"Are you completely crazy?", said Rainbow,"Elephants our friend for sure, but do you want someone to weird a pair of scissors near our beautiful fur with a trunk?"

"Oh, I guess not," said Posie,"Well, how about Fingers?"

"Fingers is way too small.", said Rainbow.

"Well, if you're so smart, who do you think we should have cut our hair?"

"That's a good question", said Rainbow, who felt a little bad for shutting Posie's suggestions down. "Why don't we go about this a different way? Whose hair do we like?"

"Oh, sea otter, for sure", said Posie.

"Oh, yeah. Her hair is so beautiful and flows so nicely in the water. If our hair could flow as nicely in the air as sea otters does in the water, I'd be sooooo happy!"

"Me too.", said Posie, "Let's go and ask her who she has cut her hair!"

"Great idea, let's go!", said Rainbow.

And so they went. They went down the path to the stream and walked up the stream until they reached sea otters place.

*knock knock*

"Yes, who's there?", said Sea Otter from inside her hutch.

"It 's Rainbow and Posie!", said Rainbow and Posie.

"Oh,", sea otter said as she opened the door, "How are you?"

"Great, we have a question for you.", said Posie.

"Well Posie, what is it?"

"Who does your hair?"

"Oh, you won't believe me."

"Try me!", said Posie, "we both love your hair and want to get haircuts too!"

"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you. I go to", sea otter paused for a moment, "in fact I have my hair done by elephant!"

"No!", said Rainbow.

"No way!", said Posie.

"Way!", said Sea Otter,"Elephants been my stylist for many many years now. She does a fantastic job. Go talk to her."

"Okay," Said Posie.

So they walked down to Elephants house and knocked on her door.

"Yes", said a deep voice from inside.

"Hi! We need haircuts.", said Rainbow.

"Well, okay.", Elephant said, opening the door,"Come on in."

They walked in and were led to a room with a haircutting chair and lots and lots of enormous scissors. They were a little frightened.

"So, who are you?", Elephant said.

"It's Rainbow and Posie!", said Posie,"You know us!"

"OH! I couldn't see you very well past all that fur. Okay hop onto the chair and we'll get started.

She began with Posie and then Rainbow and they were two of the best haircuts they had ever recived in their lives.

In the history of haircuts, these two kitty cuts would go down as the index example of the finest haircuts a cat could have.

But the story isn't over, you see, because when Rainbow hopped off the chair, she stepped onto the little lever at the base of the chair.

This lever made the chair itself POP up into the air a bit, and the towel on the back of the chair was, sadly, what elephant was standing on!

Elephant fell back, knocking over the stack of scissors!

"Oh no!", said Rainbow.

"Look out!", said Posie.

They dodged the scissors, but they were not fast enough to avoid being sprayed with shampoo.


And Cats do -not- like being kerplooshed. They are on record as saying they do not like the post kerplooshing washing , with water, that ther must ensure. But the worst patrt was what happened when cats and an elephant were on a very slippery floor.

As you might imagine, they fell down, slid outside, down the path, into Sea Otters hutch, which, with an enormous splash, fell into the water. KERPLOOOOOSPLASH, it went, and everyone had to spend the day fixing Sea Otter's house and Elephant's hair cutting area.

The End.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Infinite Cats!

One day, Rainbow and Posie were walking though the forest. They hadn't walked much lately, so they decided to have a day where all they did was walk.

They walked all the way up the mountain along the stream. They walked across the rickety bridge to the other mountain. They walked down that mountain and to to lake.

Along the way they saw lots of old friends, the squirrels, the elephant, the bunny, the spider and the ant, the bat and the monkey were all said "Hello" to. And all of them asked the same thing, "Going for a walk?"

"That's right", they would answer each and every time.

They walked and walked and walked, they took a sleeping break and walked some more. They were determined to walk until they were somewhere they had never been before.

And they indeed arrived at somewhere new.

It was a large building, very square and very tall. There was a sign out in front, which said "Scientific Cat Enterprises, ltd."

Rainbow said, "Well Posie, should we find out what's going on in this building."

"Sure, let's find out. Do you want me to knock?"

"Sure! Go ahead!"

So Posie knocked on the door.

*knock* *knock*

A little bit of time passed and they heard something....

"Who's there", a low cat's voice asked.

"Rainbow and Posie", Rainbow said.

"Rainbow?", the voice said, then the door opened.

It was the cat with the disappearing house!

"Hi!", Posie said,"We didn't know this was your building!"

"Yes, this is where I do my disappearing experiments. It's very difficult.", he said.

"Why is it difficult?", Rainbow asked.

"Well, they keep disappearing, of course!", he said, "It makes them very hard to find when you make a mistake. You wouldn't believe how many houses I've lost!"

"Wow! Really! What are you making disappear today?", Posie asked.

"Well, that's the exciting thing.", he said, "I'm not making -anything- disappear. I'm making things reappear, over and over and over again. Come and see!"

So they followed the cat into the building. This was no ordinary building. It was -stuffed- with machines, computers, wood, pipes, and all kinds of wires and things. Rainbow and Posie had never seen anything like it!

"What is all this stuff for?", asked Posie.

"Well", he said,"I need all this stuff for my experiment. Come see."

He walked them further and further into the building .They came to an elevator. The cat pushed the down button and he, Rainbow and Posie all went into the elevator car. Once inside they pressed the 'b' button and the elevator began to descend.

Once the door opened again, they were far underground in a vast, cavernous, room. It was lit dimly but there was enough light to see by.

"Why is it so dim?", asked Rainbow.

"Ah, too much light interferes with my experiments.", he said.

He took them to the middle of the large room. Sitting there was a bowl of cat food.

"Cat food!", said Posie, "I -love- cat food!"

"Me too", said Rainbow.

"Me too", said the scientist cat, That's why I've placed it on the target."

"The target?", Rainbow said.

"Yes, whatever sits on target I can make many of. Watch.", he said as he pulled out what looked like a remote control with only a few buttons.

He pressed the large red button.


Rainbow and Posie were a little scared by the noise and the light.

"It's okay", the science cat said, "Look at the target."

They looked where he was pointing. Indeed there were 2 cat bowls full of tasty cat food!

"Wow!", said both Rainbow and Posie.

"Is it okay to eat?", said Posie?

"Yes, it is....go ahead and try it. Who would like to go first?"

"Me!", said Rainbow.

"Me!", said Posie and they both walked toward the bowls. Sadly, they were looking where they were going and they ran into each other ,tripped and ran into science cat. Who fell, and when he fell, he fell on the big red button.

And Rainbow and Posie fell onto the target.

What do think happened?



And there were two Rainbows and TWO Posies and 4 bowls of tasty cat food.

But , that's not where to stopped. You see, the button in the remote was -stuck-


4 Posies!
4 Rainbows!
8 Bowls of cat food!


8 Posies!
8 Rainbows!
16 Bowls of cat food!


16 Posies!
16 Rainbows!
32 Bowls of cat food!

When would it stop!


32 Posies!
32 Rainbows!
64 Bowls of cat food!

Oh no! It was still going!


64 Posies!
64 Rainbows!
128 Bowls of cat food!

And, suddenly, KERPLAM! There was a great shuddering boom that seemed to come from everywhere.

And there were no more posies and rainbows or bowls of cat food being created.

"Meow!", said 64 Posies.
"Meow!", said 64 Rainbows.

128 Bowls of Cat food didn't say anything, because cat food -cannot- talk.

"Oh my goodness!", said science cat, "What have I done!"

"Well," 64 Posies said,"You've made a fair number of us."

"Indeed," 64 Rainbows said. "This is -quite- a pickle."

"I like Pickles," said 63 Posies.

"I don't like pickles," said 63 Rainbows.

"Wait a second," Said one Posie. "I hate Pickles!"

"And I love them!", said one Rainbow.

And that is how the original ones found each other. But, what to do with the 126 extra cats?

Well, if there's one thing we know, Cats and cat food and forests are always useful. So, 126 cats went up the elevator and went exploring. They went far and wide, and left the main forst to original Rainbow and Posie.

And that, my friends, is how every forest in the world got their own Rainbow and Posie. And because of this, every Forest a little more fun, a little more beautiful and , better yet, had two more great cats in it.

The End.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bubblegum Adventure!

One day, the two cats, Rainbow and Posie, woke up and climbed down the tree where their house was. At the bottom, waiting for them, was Nutsy.

"Nutsy!", Said Rainbow, "What are you doing here? Are you waiting for us?"

"Oh, I hope we didn't forget anything....", said Posie.

"No, no, nothing like that", said Nutsy the squirrel, "I thought you'd be waking up soon, so I came over and wanted to see if you had been to the Bubblegum Store in town yet?"

"No! I've never heard of such a thing," said Rainbow.

"Really? It's all I've heard people talking about. It's pretty wonderful, from what I hear. They have Bubble gum, bubble dots, bubble gum lollipops, chicklets and I've heard that they even have 100 different colors of bubble gum tape! I really want to see it! Want to come with me?", she said.

"Wow!", said both Rainbow and Posie, "We'd love to come!"

And so they did. They walked and walked and walked and walked. Out of the forest, along the creek (they waved hi to sea otter) out of the woods onto the path which turned into the sidewalk which led to the town, where Barry's Bodacious Bubblegum Boutique was, right off of main street near the library.

There were big, clear windows through which Nutsy, Rainbow and Posie all could look into the happy store. They couldn't wait to go in! So they did!

*ding ding* went the door, as the two cats and Nutsy walked in.

"Welcome to my store!", said Bubblegum Barry, "If there is there is anything I could help you with, let me know."

"We will. Thanks!", said Posie, googley-eyed at the collection of bubblegum.

"OH MY GOSH!", said Rainbow, "POSIE! Come here! I ....just...realized something!"

"What!", said Posie.

"What is it!", said Nutsy.

"We're CATS! We've never eaten Bubblegum!"

"Wow! You're right, but I guess we could? Nutsy....have you ever had bubblegum?", asked Posie.

"Well, now that you mention it, I do not remember ever having tried it."

"Oh, it's okay for cats and squirrels", said Barry.

"Really?", said Posie, "I heard if you eat Bubblegum, it will stay in your tummy for 7 years."

"Is that true?", said Rainbow, who didn't want her tummy filled with never-ending gum.

"No!", said Barry, "That's just silly. That's never been true."

"Oh, okay. Phew!", said Rainbow.

"WOW!", they heard Nutsy exclaim from the other side of the room.

"What is it?", Rainbow asked.

"! I could do .....anything....with this. I could hang from the ceiling, I could wrap up a gift basket, I could tow a car, you name it! I've never seen so much bubbletape!"

"And soooo many colors!", added Rainbow.

"Yes, let's get some.", said Posie.

And that, dear readers, is when things started to go wrong!

You see, Rainbow decided to take hold of the end of a role of bubble tape. Little did she notice the stairs next to the bubbletape display. Worse yet, she did not see the carelessly left roller skate at the top of the stairs.

Which, as you might have guessed, she stepped onto.

As her feet fell out from under her, she grabbed onto the bubble tape. Which, promptly, began to unroll.

As Rainbow began to fall, slowly, but surely, down the steps, her fall slowed by the unraveling bubbletape. Posie though she could help by grabbing a hold of the unrolling tape.

Which she did.

Well, it stopped unrolling and started to stretch.......and stretch....and stretch like a big rubber band, and who, pray tell, was at the end of the band? Rainbow.

Well, Rainbow snapped back up the stairs and all the way across the room, where she slammed into the big display of Gum Balls. Which went, KERPLOSH, ALL OVER THE ROOM.

Some went in her mouth, which was tasty, but so many were on the floor that -everyone- in the store fell down, and all the gum went flying everywhere.

Probably the worst thing about it was that one solitary gumball managed to go, kersplot, into the fire alarm. Which, now thinking it was fire, turned on the sprinklers.

What do you think happens when sprinklers get a huge amount of gum wet? Yes....a sticky icky ooey gooey mess.

And if there is one thing a cat hates more than getting wet, it's getting -gummy- and wet.

Which is just what happened.

It was a remarkable mess. And poor Barry had to clean things up. Rainbow and Posie felt -terrible- that they had ruined yet another shop, so they gathered all their friends together and not only did they help Barry cleanup, they staffed his shop for weeks on end and everyone bought 1 whole yard of bubble tape.

They were all different colors.

The end!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rainbow and Posie go to the Computer Store

One day Rainbow and Posie decided to learn how to use the computer.

First, they needed a computer. So.... they hopped on a bus and drove down to the small computer store in town.

It was a little place, no bigger than Rainbow and Posie's treehouse and inside was a vast array of computers, parts and big monitors.

The computers and parts were old, and new, and dusty, and clean. Some were in thier boxes, taped up, and others were sitting out on the benches and chairs.

It was very messy.

Rainbow and Posie didn't know what to think! So they called thier friend Elephant....

"Elephant?", Rainbow said into the phone.

"Yes, Posie?", replied Elephant.

"Well, I'm Rainbow!", said Rainbow.

"Oh! I'm sorry, you sounded -just- like Posie!", said Elephant.

"That must be because we are twin cats!", said Rainbow.

"But you are two different colors!", Elephant said. He was right, too, Posie was the pretty orangey color that kittens are and Rainbow was a black and white kitty.

"Well, we're still twins, born on the same day. Cats can do that, you know, have two -different- kinds of kittens!", said Rainbow.

"Well, that's really neat. Anyhow, what can I do for you, Posie...I mean Rainbow?", asked Elephant.

"Well, we're at the computer store, and we're a little confused, we sure could use an old experienced computer elephant to help us out."

"Well, I'll be right there!", he said.

A few minutes later, Rainbow and Posie heard a very loud rumbling. They poked thier little kitten heads out the front door of the shop to see, to thier surprise, a gathering cloud of dust.

It got louder!

And louder!

And dustier!

And louder!

And dustier still!

It was Elephant coming to help them...

"Do you think he knows about the big, slippery, puddle of oil in front of the store?", Rainbow asked.

"No, I don't think he does.", said Posie, "and I'm worried."

She had good reason to be worried. Elephant indeed did not see the oil. And he didn't stop in time.

So. What happens when an elephant. A full grown. Enormous. Heavy. Computer excited. Elephant. Runs, headlong, into a big, puddle of oil and tries to stop.

Do you know?

He doesn't stop. At least not the way he wanted to.

In fact, he slides, very very quickly and slipperelly into the big, messy, complicated, computer store.









And that's the sound it made, when Elephant slid, quickly, into the computer store.

It was incredibly messy. And the hedgehog who ran the store was -deeply- unhappy. So much so that he decided to ask Rainbow and Posie and Elephant to help him clean up and close up for the day.

Rainbow and Posie felt terrible about the poor hedgehog and his shop, so they helped him out for weeks and weeks and once they had made up for the damage that Elephant had caused, they purchased a computer from him.

Elephant helped them learn how to use it, but that's another story.

The End.

Welcome to the Forest!

This blog exists to collect a series of children's stories that I'm writing for my daughter Frannie.

Here's the story: Since she was about 3 I've told her these made up stories about a bunch of animals in the forest, they are, roughly in order of creation:


    Elephant the Elephant
    Swingy the monkey
    Flappy the bat.
    Fingers the spider
    Floppity hopity bunny
    Deedee and Neil and Hunter

    And from the next door forest:

    Mountain Lion

    And the Cat whose house appears and disappears.
Most of the stories center around crazy messy disasters, with the funniest one to date being the visit to the fireworks, olive oil, flour, honey and candy store.