Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rainbow and Posie get a Haircut

One day, Rainbow and Posie woke up from a long nights sleep.

Rainbow looked at Posie.

Posie looked at Rainbow.

"Wow. We need haircuts, don't we?", said Posie.

"Yes", said Rainbow, "we most certainly do!"

So they got out of bed, went down the tree to the path at the base of the tree.

"Who should we have cut our hair?", asked Rainbow.

"Well, how about swingy?", said Posie.

"NO!", said Rainbow, " She'd make a huge mess of things, she'd make us look like -monkeys!"

"Hmm," said Posie, "Howsabout elephant?"

"Are you completely crazy?", said Rainbow,"Elephants our friend for sure, but do you want someone to weird a pair of scissors near our beautiful fur with a trunk?"

"Oh, I guess not," said Posie,"Well, how about Fingers?"

"Fingers is way too small.", said Rainbow.

"Well, if you're so smart, who do you think we should have cut our hair?"

"That's a good question", said Rainbow, who felt a little bad for shutting Posie's suggestions down. "Why don't we go about this a different way? Whose hair do we like?"

"Oh, sea otter, for sure", said Posie.

"Oh, yeah. Her hair is so beautiful and flows so nicely in the water. If our hair could flow as nicely in the air as sea otters does in the water, I'd be sooooo happy!"

"Me too.", said Posie, "Let's go and ask her who she has cut her hair!"

"Great idea, let's go!", said Rainbow.

And so they went. They went down the path to the stream and walked up the stream until they reached sea otters place.

*knock knock*

"Yes, who's there?", said Sea Otter from inside her hutch.

"It 's Rainbow and Posie!", said Rainbow and Posie.

"Oh,", sea otter said as she opened the door, "How are you?"

"Great, we have a question for you.", said Posie.

"Well Posie, what is it?"

"Who does your hair?"

"Oh, you won't believe me."

"Try me!", said Posie, "we both love your hair and want to get haircuts too!"

"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you. I go to", sea otter paused for a moment, "in fact I have my hair done by elephant!"

"No!", said Rainbow.

"No way!", said Posie.

"Way!", said Sea Otter,"Elephants been my stylist for many many years now. She does a fantastic job. Go talk to her."

"Okay," Said Posie.

So they walked down to Elephants house and knocked on her door.

"Yes", said a deep voice from inside.

"Hi! We need haircuts.", said Rainbow.

"Well, okay.", Elephant said, opening the door,"Come on in."

They walked in and were led to a room with a haircutting chair and lots and lots of enormous scissors. They were a little frightened.

"So, who are you?", Elephant said.

"It's Rainbow and Posie!", said Posie,"You know us!"

"OH! I couldn't see you very well past all that fur. Okay hop onto the chair and we'll get started.

She began with Posie and then Rainbow and they were two of the best haircuts they had ever recived in their lives.

In the history of haircuts, these two kitty cuts would go down as the index example of the finest haircuts a cat could have.

But the story isn't over, you see, because when Rainbow hopped off the chair, she stepped onto the little lever at the base of the chair.

This lever made the chair itself POP up into the air a bit, and the towel on the back of the chair was, sadly, what elephant was standing on!

Elephant fell back, knocking over the stack of scissors!

"Oh no!", said Rainbow.

"Look out!", said Posie.

They dodged the scissors, but they were not fast enough to avoid being sprayed with shampoo.


And Cats do -not- like being kerplooshed. They are on record as saying they do not like the post kerplooshing washing , with water, that ther must ensure. But the worst patrt was what happened when cats and an elephant were on a very slippery floor.

As you might imagine, they fell down, slid outside, down the path, into Sea Otters hutch, which, with an enormous splash, fell into the water. KERPLOOOOOSPLASH, it went, and everyone had to spend the day fixing Sea Otter's house and Elephant's hair cutting area.

The End.

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