Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rainbow and Posie go to the Computer Store

One day Rainbow and Posie decided to learn how to use the computer.

First, they needed a computer. So.... they hopped on a bus and drove down to the small computer store in town.

It was a little place, no bigger than Rainbow and Posie's treehouse and inside was a vast array of computers, parts and big monitors.

The computers and parts were old, and new, and dusty, and clean. Some were in thier boxes, taped up, and others were sitting out on the benches and chairs.

It was very messy.

Rainbow and Posie didn't know what to think! So they called thier friend Elephant....

"Elephant?", Rainbow said into the phone.

"Yes, Posie?", replied Elephant.

"Well, I'm Rainbow!", said Rainbow.

"Oh! I'm sorry, you sounded -just- like Posie!", said Elephant.

"That must be because we are twin cats!", said Rainbow.

"But you are two different colors!", Elephant said. He was right, too, Posie was the pretty orangey color that kittens are and Rainbow was a black and white kitty.

"Well, we're still twins, born on the same day. Cats can do that, you know, have two -different- kinds of kittens!", said Rainbow.

"Well, that's really neat. Anyhow, what can I do for you, Posie...I mean Rainbow?", asked Elephant.

"Well, we're at the computer store, and we're a little confused, we sure could use an old experienced computer elephant to help us out."

"Well, I'll be right there!", he said.

A few minutes later, Rainbow and Posie heard a very loud rumbling. They poked thier little kitten heads out the front door of the shop to see, to thier surprise, a gathering cloud of dust.

It got louder!

And louder!

And dustier!

And louder!

And dustier still!

It was Elephant coming to help them...

"Do you think he knows about the big, slippery, puddle of oil in front of the store?", Rainbow asked.

"No, I don't think he does.", said Posie, "and I'm worried."

She had good reason to be worried. Elephant indeed did not see the oil. And he didn't stop in time.

So. What happens when an elephant. A full grown. Enormous. Heavy. Computer excited. Elephant. Runs, headlong, into a big, puddle of oil and tries to stop.

Do you know?

He doesn't stop. At least not the way he wanted to.

In fact, he slides, very very quickly and slipperelly into the big, messy, complicated, computer store.









And that's the sound it made, when Elephant slid, quickly, into the computer store.

It was incredibly messy. And the hedgehog who ran the store was -deeply- unhappy. So much so that he decided to ask Rainbow and Posie and Elephant to help him clean up and close up for the day.

Rainbow and Posie felt terrible about the poor hedgehog and his shop, so they helped him out for weeks and weeks and once they had made up for the damage that Elephant had caused, they purchased a computer from him.

Elephant helped them learn how to use it, but that's another story.

The End.

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