Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rainbow and Posie practice poor computer security

Yes, sometimes, I just don't have a story in me:

"What's your password?", asked Rainbow.

"Well, I don't think I should tell you", said Posie, "Then, it wouldn't be a secret."

"Oh, okay. Well, my password is very clever.", said Rainbow.

"Is it Fish?", asked Posie.

"How did you know?", said Rainbow.

"Well, it is your favorite thing in the whole wide world.", said Posie.

"Yes, it is. So is yours 'Cake'", said Rainbow.

"No," said Posie.

"Ice Cream?", said Rainbow.

"No.", Said Posie.

"Is it....hmmmmmmmmmmm", said Rainbow, "is it..... RAINBOW?"

"YES! How did you know.", said Posie, who was very surprised.

"Well, I just Guessed and there it was!", said Rainbow.

"Well, we'll both need new passwords. Something that no one else will think of.", siad Posie.

"Yes, indeed", said Rainbow.

So Rainbow and Posie picked new passwords for thier computers. And they did -not- tell each other what it was.

But, dear reader, I'll tell you what they were.

"Posie" was Rainbow's and "Fish" was Posie's new password.

The end.

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