Saturday, June 16, 2007

Infinite Cats!

One day, Rainbow and Posie were walking though the forest. They hadn't walked much lately, so they decided to have a day where all they did was walk.

They walked all the way up the mountain along the stream. They walked across the rickety bridge to the other mountain. They walked down that mountain and to to lake.

Along the way they saw lots of old friends, the squirrels, the elephant, the bunny, the spider and the ant, the bat and the monkey were all said "Hello" to. And all of them asked the same thing, "Going for a walk?"

"That's right", they would answer each and every time.

They walked and walked and walked, they took a sleeping break and walked some more. They were determined to walk until they were somewhere they had never been before.

And they indeed arrived at somewhere new.

It was a large building, very square and very tall. There was a sign out in front, which said "Scientific Cat Enterprises, ltd."

Rainbow said, "Well Posie, should we find out what's going on in this building."

"Sure, let's find out. Do you want me to knock?"

"Sure! Go ahead!"

So Posie knocked on the door.

*knock* *knock*

A little bit of time passed and they heard something....

"Who's there", a low cat's voice asked.

"Rainbow and Posie", Rainbow said.

"Rainbow?", the voice said, then the door opened.

It was the cat with the disappearing house!

"Hi!", Posie said,"We didn't know this was your building!"

"Yes, this is where I do my disappearing experiments. It's very difficult.", he said.

"Why is it difficult?", Rainbow asked.

"Well, they keep disappearing, of course!", he said, "It makes them very hard to find when you make a mistake. You wouldn't believe how many houses I've lost!"

"Wow! Really! What are you making disappear today?", Posie asked.

"Well, that's the exciting thing.", he said, "I'm not making -anything- disappear. I'm making things reappear, over and over and over again. Come and see!"

So they followed the cat into the building. This was no ordinary building. It was -stuffed- with machines, computers, wood, pipes, and all kinds of wires and things. Rainbow and Posie had never seen anything like it!

"What is all this stuff for?", asked Posie.

"Well", he said,"I need all this stuff for my experiment. Come see."

He walked them further and further into the building .They came to an elevator. The cat pushed the down button and he, Rainbow and Posie all went into the elevator car. Once inside they pressed the 'b' button and the elevator began to descend.

Once the door opened again, they were far underground in a vast, cavernous, room. It was lit dimly but there was enough light to see by.

"Why is it so dim?", asked Rainbow.

"Ah, too much light interferes with my experiments.", he said.

He took them to the middle of the large room. Sitting there was a bowl of cat food.

"Cat food!", said Posie, "I -love- cat food!"

"Me too", said Rainbow.

"Me too", said the scientist cat, That's why I've placed it on the target."

"The target?", Rainbow said.

"Yes, whatever sits on target I can make many of. Watch.", he said as he pulled out what looked like a remote control with only a few buttons.

He pressed the large red button.


Rainbow and Posie were a little scared by the noise and the light.

"It's okay", the science cat said, "Look at the target."

They looked where he was pointing. Indeed there were 2 cat bowls full of tasty cat food!

"Wow!", said both Rainbow and Posie.

"Is it okay to eat?", said Posie?

"Yes, it is....go ahead and try it. Who would like to go first?"

"Me!", said Rainbow.

"Me!", said Posie and they both walked toward the bowls. Sadly, they were looking where they were going and they ran into each other ,tripped and ran into science cat. Who fell, and when he fell, he fell on the big red button.

And Rainbow and Posie fell onto the target.

What do think happened?



And there were two Rainbows and TWO Posies and 4 bowls of tasty cat food.

But , that's not where to stopped. You see, the button in the remote was -stuck-


4 Posies!
4 Rainbows!
8 Bowls of cat food!


8 Posies!
8 Rainbows!
16 Bowls of cat food!


16 Posies!
16 Rainbows!
32 Bowls of cat food!

When would it stop!


32 Posies!
32 Rainbows!
64 Bowls of cat food!

Oh no! It was still going!


64 Posies!
64 Rainbows!
128 Bowls of cat food!

And, suddenly, KERPLAM! There was a great shuddering boom that seemed to come from everywhere.

And there were no more posies and rainbows or bowls of cat food being created.

"Meow!", said 64 Posies.
"Meow!", said 64 Rainbows.

128 Bowls of Cat food didn't say anything, because cat food -cannot- talk.

"Oh my goodness!", said science cat, "What have I done!"

"Well," 64 Posies said,"You've made a fair number of us."

"Indeed," 64 Rainbows said. "This is -quite- a pickle."

"I like Pickles," said 63 Posies.

"I don't like pickles," said 63 Rainbows.

"Wait a second," Said one Posie. "I hate Pickles!"

"And I love them!", said one Rainbow.

And that is how the original ones found each other. But, what to do with the 126 extra cats?

Well, if there's one thing we know, Cats and cat food and forests are always useful. So, 126 cats went up the elevator and went exploring. They went far and wide, and left the main forst to original Rainbow and Posie.

And that, my friends, is how every forest in the world got their own Rainbow and Posie. And because of this, every Forest a little more fun, a little more beautiful and , better yet, had two more great cats in it.

The End.

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