Friday, June 15, 2007

Bubblegum Adventure!

One day, the two cats, Rainbow and Posie, woke up and climbed down the tree where their house was. At the bottom, waiting for them, was Nutsy.

"Nutsy!", Said Rainbow, "What are you doing here? Are you waiting for us?"

"Oh, I hope we didn't forget anything....", said Posie.

"No, no, nothing like that", said Nutsy the squirrel, "I thought you'd be waking up soon, so I came over and wanted to see if you had been to the Bubblegum Store in town yet?"

"No! I've never heard of such a thing," said Rainbow.

"Really? It's all I've heard people talking about. It's pretty wonderful, from what I hear. They have Bubble gum, bubble dots, bubble gum lollipops, chicklets and I've heard that they even have 100 different colors of bubble gum tape! I really want to see it! Want to come with me?", she said.

"Wow!", said both Rainbow and Posie, "We'd love to come!"

And so they did. They walked and walked and walked and walked. Out of the forest, along the creek (they waved hi to sea otter) out of the woods onto the path which turned into the sidewalk which led to the town, where Barry's Bodacious Bubblegum Boutique was, right off of main street near the library.

There were big, clear windows through which Nutsy, Rainbow and Posie all could look into the happy store. They couldn't wait to go in! So they did!

*ding ding* went the door, as the two cats and Nutsy walked in.

"Welcome to my store!", said Bubblegum Barry, "If there is there is anything I could help you with, let me know."

"We will. Thanks!", said Posie, googley-eyed at the collection of bubblegum.

"OH MY GOSH!", said Rainbow, "POSIE! Come here! I ....just...realized something!"

"What!", said Posie.

"What is it!", said Nutsy.

"We're CATS! We've never eaten Bubblegum!"

"Wow! You're right, but I guess we could? Nutsy....have you ever had bubblegum?", asked Posie.

"Well, now that you mention it, I do not remember ever having tried it."

"Oh, it's okay for cats and squirrels", said Barry.

"Really?", said Posie, "I heard if you eat Bubblegum, it will stay in your tummy for 7 years."

"Is that true?", said Rainbow, who didn't want her tummy filled with never-ending gum.

"No!", said Barry, "That's just silly. That's never been true."

"Oh, okay. Phew!", said Rainbow.

"WOW!", they heard Nutsy exclaim from the other side of the room.

"What is it?", Rainbow asked.

"! I could do .....anything....with this. I could hang from the ceiling, I could wrap up a gift basket, I could tow a car, you name it! I've never seen so much bubbletape!"

"And soooo many colors!", added Rainbow.

"Yes, let's get some.", said Posie.

And that, dear readers, is when things started to go wrong!

You see, Rainbow decided to take hold of the end of a role of bubble tape. Little did she notice the stairs next to the bubbletape display. Worse yet, she did not see the carelessly left roller skate at the top of the stairs.

Which, as you might have guessed, she stepped onto.

As her feet fell out from under her, she grabbed onto the bubble tape. Which, promptly, began to unroll.

As Rainbow began to fall, slowly, but surely, down the steps, her fall slowed by the unraveling bubbletape. Posie though she could help by grabbing a hold of the unrolling tape.

Which she did.

Well, it stopped unrolling and started to stretch.......and stretch....and stretch like a big rubber band, and who, pray tell, was at the end of the band? Rainbow.

Well, Rainbow snapped back up the stairs and all the way across the room, where she slammed into the big display of Gum Balls. Which went, KERPLOSH, ALL OVER THE ROOM.

Some went in her mouth, which was tasty, but so many were on the floor that -everyone- in the store fell down, and all the gum went flying everywhere.

Probably the worst thing about it was that one solitary gumball managed to go, kersplot, into the fire alarm. Which, now thinking it was fire, turned on the sprinklers.

What do you think happens when sprinklers get a huge amount of gum wet? Yes....a sticky icky ooey gooey mess.

And if there is one thing a cat hates more than getting wet, it's getting -gummy- and wet.

Which is just what happened.

It was a remarkable mess. And poor Barry had to clean things up. Rainbow and Posie felt -terrible- that they had ruined yet another shop, so they gathered all their friends together and not only did they help Barry cleanup, they staffed his shop for weeks on end and everyone bought 1 whole yard of bubble tape.

They were all different colors.

The end!

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