Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Elephant Learns to Juggle

One day, Elephant decided that he wanted to learn how to juggle. He only knew one person who knew how to Juggle. Do you know who that is?

That's right. Sea Otter. She is a fantastic juggler. She manages to juggle all kinds of things at once, even using her flippy, floppy tail to help out.

So Elephant set out to find Sea Otter to see if she would teach Elephant how to Juggle.

As Elephant walked along the stream, he called out "Sea otter! Sea otter! Are you there?"

And eventually, Sea Otter said "Yes, I'm here. What can I do for you Elephant?"

"Well, I need to learn how to juggle and you are the best juggler I know."

"Well, I'm pretty good, but you should meet my friend, the eggman. "

"The eggman?"

"Yes, the eggman. He can juggle eggs, big boxes of powdered sugar, honey and cats all at the same time."


"Yes, he's very good at this and is a great teacher. However, he will only teach you if you loan him some cats to juggle for a day."

"Well, I guess I need to go find Rainbow and Posie.", said Elephant.

So elephant went and found Rainbow and Posie, who were at home.

"Rainbow, Posie?", said Elephant, "I have a favor to ask of you."

"What is it Elephant?"

"Well, you see, I'm interested in learning how to juggle."

"Oh no! Not the eggman! We've heard about him!"

"Yes, what do you say? Are you game."

"Well," Rainbow said with a sigh, "I guess it would be okay. Because we used to work for him , and being juggled is actually kind of fun."

"Oh, okay, let's go then.", said Elephant.

So they did, they went into town when Eggman had a juggling school.

"Welcome to my juggling school!", said Eggman. "I'm just finishing up my class."

Elephant looked over Eggman's shoulder to see a class of 5 or 6 animals juggling different things. Like eggs, glasses, christmas ornaments, porcelain dolls, and more.

"Wow! You look like you could really teach!"

"Yes, I'm the best. But I have a price......RAINBOW! POSIE! Did you come to be juggled?"

"Yes, we did, for our friend Elephant."

"Cool! Let's juggle."

Now, what's funny is not that he wanted to juggle cats. Which is not what he likes to do. He likes to juggle -with- cats. With everyone juggling. You see, cats are natural jugglers, and able to juggle from birth and they can juggle on their tails and ears and bottoms and everywhere.

So that's what they did, the juggled a lot. They juggled together, passing things back and forth between each other.

Then, elephant tried to juggle too. He hopped in between a very complicated egg, honey, candy and bowling pin juggle.


Elephant, Rainbow, Eggman and Posie were -covered- in honey, candy, powdered sugar and flour. It was a huge mess and took -forever- to clean up.

It was quite a mess, but with time, Elephant became a very good juggler.

The End.

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