Friday, July 20, 2007

The Bookshelf was a Disaster!

Posie's bookshelf was a disaster.

Normally, it was quite tidy and neat, with one shelf for soft cover books. One shelf for golden books. One shelf for special books and one shelf for magazines.

But, that was not how it was today. It was ....a.....disaster.

Not the ordinary, run of the mill disaster, oh no, it was a total disaster. First off, half the books were not even on the shelf. They were on the couch, the bed, the floor, the table and Posie was very frustrated.

She knew Rainbow was to blame. She had left that morning and everything was in tip-top ship-shape . Now, she comes home and it was a -----disaster----.

What was she to do. Well, she knew that she had to talk to Rainbow about it.

Luckily, the door opened and through it, at just that moment, came Rainbow.

"Rainbow!", said Posie.

"Yes, wow! What a disaster!"

"Yes, I wanted to speak with you about that, Rainbow.", said Posie.

"What about?", said Rainbow.

"Did you make this mess?", said Posie.

"Goodness no! This is not just a mess, it's a disaster and I'd maybe make it a little untidy, but this ....well...this is just toooo much for me."

"Well, who did it then?", said Posie.

"Well, we did let elephant have a key. Maybe we should go ask him.", said Rainbow.

At that moment, there was an enormous crash from the bathroom!

Out came Elephant! Who had just used the bathroom, and do you know what Elephant said?

"What a disaster!", said Elephant!

"What!", said Rainbow.

"What!", said Posie," We thought that maybe you had done this."

"Oh no, I just stopped by to use your bathroom", said Elephant, "and it was fine when I got into the bathroom, and it's a disaster!"

"Yes, but....", and that is when Rainbow, with her terrific, catlike sense of hearing heard.... flllluf....which as you know is the sound of a page being turned.

"Who was that!", said Rainbow and Posie.

"Just me! Sea otter!", said sea otter.

Now, not many know this, but sea otters love to read. And they read very fast and very very messily.

"Don't worry!", said sea otter, as a book bounced against rainbows nose, "That was a good book! I'll clean up when I'm done reading!" and another book went ....*bonk* against Posie's head and then two bounced off elephants ears, then another against his trunk. It was like a crazy book reading machine, sea otter was....

Indeed, sea otter did help to clean up though. And that, is , the end...

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