Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nutsy Goes to the Doctor

One day, Nutsy decided that he wasn't having a very good day. He had woken up and he felt terrible. Creaky. Coughy. Sleepy. He hadn't slept well at all. In fact the other squirrels had kicked him out of the bedroom into the front room so his noisiness wouldn't keep them awake.

He decided it was time to go to the Doctors. So, he caught a passing elephant (who said "Hi Nutsy!") and Elephant dropped him off at the Doctors near the hospital.

After filling out his name on a list, he waited for a little while and was called into a small room. A nurse was there and he said "Please tell me how you feel?"

Nutsy described how he felt: Awful. He described in minute detail the problems he'd been having sleeping and such. The nurse said that was a shame and the doctor would be in to see him soon.

So, Nutsy waited, reading an old magazine for kids and squirrels. If was called "Acorn" magazine. Insider it had games and puzzles and mazes and stories. It was a good magazine, and Nutsy was considering subscribing when the doctor came in.

The doctor took our her stethoscope and placed it on Nutsy's heart and asked him to breathe in deeply. He did. The doctor said, "Well, it sounds like you have a cold. Please go home and drink some chicken soup and sleep some and check yourself again. Keep sleeping and drinking a lot of fluids and you'll be right as rain before you know it."

So, he did. And he felt, in only a few days, terrific.

The End.

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