Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rainbow, Posie and Koto visit the Rubber Ball and Fan Store

Did I ever tell you about the time that Rainbow, Floppity Hoppity Bunny and Posie went to the Fan and Rubber Ball store?

Well, it was something else, I tell you what.

You see, Rainbow was getting hot. It was summer in the forest and the sun was beating down on the tree that Rainbow and Posie called home.

"Is there nothing that will cool us down?", said Rainbow.

"Well", said Posie, "We could go to the Fan store and see what they have."

"That's a good idea."

And right as Rainbow said that, there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?", called out Posie.

"ME!", said Floppity Hoppity Bunny.

"Ah, good! Come in!", Posie said.

Floppity Hoppity Bunny opened the door and came in, "Hi Everyone!", she said," What are you doing today?"

"Well,", said Posie,"We were planning on going to the Fan store"

"Oh, great. I could use some rubber balls."

"Rubber Balls?", said Posie.

"Yes, that same store sells rubber balls. All kinds!", said Floppity Hoppity Bunny.

"Great! Let's go!", said Rainbow.

And so they went. They walked down to town and found the store.

They walked into the store and Rainbow said, "Hi, we'd like to see your fans."

There were big fans, little fans, fast fans, safe fans, and all the rest. Thier little kitty Koto was with them in their basket and simply loved the feel of all those fans over her fur.

"And I need to....oh there they are!", Floppity Hoppity Bunny said, walking to the display of Rubber Balls.

You might be able to figure out what happened next. You see, Floppity Hoppity Bunny was so excited that she miscalculated her jump and jumped right onto the display of balls, sending balls flying everywhere!

Well, some of those balls hits the fans and bonced and those balls hit more displays of balls and those balls bounced everywhere too.

Soon there were balls bouncing off of every surface. The walls, the floor, the cieling, even Rainbow, Posie, Koto and Floppity Hoppity Bunny!

It was a big mess, but do you know how the storekeeper stopped all those balls from bouncing.

Well, I'll tell you.

She decided to pull the plug on the whole store. Flipping a very big switch on the wall, all of the fans stopped turning. And since the fans didn't turn, the balls slowly but surely came to rest on the ground.

And, you might imagine, Rainbow, Posie and Floppity Hoppity Bunny helped clean up. Koto, well, she just slept.

The End.

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