Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rainbow and Posie play Tennis

One day, Rainbow and Posie decided that they wanted to go on a hike. They climbed down thier tree, and walked to the stream. They changed thier mind though, when they saw how very scary the clouds looked.

"Wow! Those clouds are quite dark and ominous, aren't they", said Posie.

"Yes, they are, maybe we shouldn't go on a hike today. Maybe, we should go to the indoor tennis courts and play some tennis."

"That's a good idea! Let's go.", said Posie.

So they did, they ran as fast as they could to the tennis court so that they wouldn't get wet.

They got to the court, just in time. The storm has just begun.

As they waited for a court, things outside got darker and dark, finally rain started falling in earnest. And lightning lit up the sky. And thunder *BOOMED* scaring Rainbow a -lot-, and when rainbow was scared, do you know what happened?

She jumped as high as she could and sadly, landed on Posie's head, then she fell against the display of tennis balls. The tennis balls started to roll off the pyramid of balls and fall to the ground and as quick as they could ,they picked up the balls and made the pyramid again, which a good thing.

It was good because just then the shopkeeper came in and said "Oh thanks for tidying up my pyramid of tennis balls."

So after that, they played thier game until the storm ended. And then they went home.

The End.

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