Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Short Snowball Fight

One day, Nutsy decided that he was toooooo cold to go outside, where it was even colder. It was winter and Nutsy didn't -like- being cold. He looked out the window and saw Rainbow and Posie playing in the snow.

He thought, "They must be very warm in their beautiful thick fur. I wonder if I could grow more fur?"

He tried. He grunted. He ate lots of eggs and bacon, but none of them made his hair grow much longer than it was.

What was he to do?

Well, he noticed that he had a lot of old clothes hanging about, so he decide to make quilt!

It took him a very long time, but eventually the quilt jacket was done. And he wore it outside.

The moment he went outside, do you know what happened?

*WHAM* rainbow threw a snowball at him.

*WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* posie threw -three!- snowballs at him.

Well, that wouldn't do. He bent over to make a retaliatory snowball when *WHAM* he was hit in the bottom with a snowball.

OOOOOOO he wanted to throw snowball, so he did!

*WHAM* and a snowball hit Rainbow on the nose.

*WHAM* a snowball hit Posie on the bottom!

"meow!" went rainbow and posie as they were hit.

"Okay, that's it.", said Nutsy.

*WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* then the snowball fight was, indeed , over.

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