Sunday, August 26, 2007

Koto's First Tooth

Well, one day Rainbow and Posie woke up to a surprise. They noticed that their kitten Koto had one tooth that was wiggly. It was the first time this kitten was to lose a baby tooth on her road to cathood.

So, Koto was excited. She had heard of the tooth fairy and was -very- interested in seeing what would happen. Eventually, after much tongue-tooth-wigglement, the tooth feel out!

"Look Rainbow! Look Posie!" , Koto said, "My tooth came out."

"Wow!", said Rainbow,"What a big Kitty you are! Let's put it in a star shaped tooth pillow for the tooth fairy tonight!"

"Indeed we should!", said Posie.

And that is exactly what they did! They took Koto's tooth and put it in the little white pillow, no bigger than a silver dollar pancake.

Koto slept. When she woke up, do you know what she found?

There, underneath her pillow was a small bag, and in that bag was a....

"Fish necklace!", Koto screamed out in joy,"Just what I always wanted! Rainbow! Posie! Come See!"

And they did come see and they could also see how very happy Koto was, and that made them as happy as they could be.

The End

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