Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Chase

"Yes, that's perfect", said Posie, "Well, maybe a little to the left."

Rainbow moved the picture of the pickle they saw on their recent trip to the pickle factory a bit to the left. They were trying to center the picture over their mantle.

Rainbow, walked a little to the left.

"A little more", said Posie, a mischievous grin on her face.

"Here?", said Rainbow.

"Nope, a little more...."

Rainbow walked a little more, and a little more and noticed there was a little wind. She looked see....nothing! she had walked out the apartment onto the branch onto ....nothing at all!

She fell!

"Posie!", yelled Rainbow,"I'm going to get you!"

She put down the pickle picture and chased after the running Posie.

Posie was not just a prankster, but a very fast runner. She ran as fast as she could to the stream where sea otter lived.

Sea otter was famous for wearing orange hats and raincoats. You could barely see her under all that gear. Posie knew this and ran to sea otters drying lines behind her dam.

Posie pulled on the orange hat and raincoat and tied them off just as Rainbow came running up.

"Have you seen Posie?", said Rainbow, panting and clearly beside herself.

"Yes, I have!", said Posie,"Thataway!" pointing to the other side of the stream.

Rainbow -hated- water but swam through it to get to what she thought was Posie.

As she got to the other side, Posie took off the hat and raincoat and hollared out to Rainbow "Rainbow! Here I am!" and with a flash she ran off.

Rainbow was -very- unhappy to have gotten all wet when she though sea otter had told her to cross. But it wasn't sea otter at all, but POSIE!

Rainbow ran so fast across the water that she practically floated and walked upon the surface itself. She was -so- upset.

She caught to Posie in the clearing. When she was surprised to hear...

"SURPRISE!", said -everyone- in the forest.

It was Rainbows birthday! Posie was there and wrapped her in a towel, a warm, lovely towel and said "Rainbow, I'm sorry I tricked you , but I wanted to make your birthday something very special. So, let's eat!"

"Wow!", said Rainbow, "that was really something. Let's eat!"

The End

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