Sunday, September 16, 2007

Moving, part 1

"Is this big enough?", said Rainbow, looking across the main room of what may end up being their new apartment.

"Well, I think so.", said Posie.

"I was being funny", said Rainbow,"This is huge! We'd have this whole apartment to ourselves?"

"Yes, isn't it nice? I could sleep here, you could sleep there and Koto could sleep upstairs.", said Posie.

"I could sleep upstairs with Koto until she's old enough to sleep on her own!", added Posie, "What do you think of that?"

"Well", said Rainbow, "We could trade off from time to time. What do you think Koto thinks? Koto! Are you here?"

Koto poked her head around the corner and went, "Mew?"

"Rainbow and I would like to know what you think, Koto?", she said.

"mew, mew.", which meant 'great!' in kitten.

"Okay, good, let's move in!"

So they did.

To be continued!

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