Saturday, September 8, 2007

Clown Car Wash

"I don't think this is what you meant.", said Rainbow, looking at the polka dotted, bright pink car, that smelled like cheese.

"Yes, I know. I thought they would clean the car, not make it into a clown car.", said Posie.

"Well," Said Rainbow, "Why do you think they did this?"

"Well, I took my car to the hand car wash place near Frannie's house, and they asked me what kind of scent I liked. I said that I didn't want any sort of cheesy scent. As I think those scents are silly. So I guess they thought I wanted a silly car, with a cheesy scent!"

"Yes, maybe/ But, just maybe, it was a clown car wash. Let's go back to the car wash and see!", said Rainbow.

"Okay," said Posie,"Let's go."

So they drove the car back to the car wash which had made Posie's car smell like cheese and look -very- silly.

"Oh my goodness!", said Rainbow.

"What?", said Posie.

"Well, just look at them. Big shoes. Big rainbow colored hair, silly tummies, silly shirts and all kinds of crazy jokes. I mean, you had to know they were clowns, they're washing your car with the water shooting flowers!"

"You're right, Rainbow, I should have known. Let's see if they put my car back to normal.
", said Posie.

"Excuse me sir?", said Rainbow, "Can I talk with you? My sister Posie wanted a regular car wash, not a clown car wash, can you help her?"

"Sure! We just assume -everyone- wants a clown car wash. Pass you keys here and we'll take care of it.", said the Clown.

They did, and the clowns took the polka dots off and the cheese smell away. And that's the end of the story.

The End

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