Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Moving Part 2

Moving wasn't so easy. There were so many things to pack.

Posie, for instance, had books, a bed, a lamp, a table, a candle, some fish, Koto's dolls, Koto.

Rainbow had books, a bed, a lamp, a table, a candle, some fish, Koto's books, koto (they both held Koto's paw) and some playing cards and other games.

So they took all their things to the new apartment and then they back for the stuff in the kitchen, which included: Their tea pot, the pans, the food, the silverware, the plates, the platters, the soup bowls, the fish cooking tools, and all the other things, including a shiny blender.

They took all of these things to the new apartment in boxes, and started unpacking, putting all of the stuff into the proper places. That's when they realized something very important about their new apartment.

"Rainbow,", said Posie,"Do you notice anything missing in the kitchen?"

"No, I didn't notice anything missing in the kitchen", said Rainbow.

"Well, I see an oven, a stove, a dishwasher, a fire alarm, cabinets, a table, a trash can, a sink, a blender, and I don't know what is missing!", said Rainbow.

"A refrigerator!", said Posie.

"Wow! You're right," said Rainbow,"I don't see it one either! I guess we'll have to go buy one."

So they went to the store, and looked at the very large ones, the very small ones, and chose neither. They found one that was just right and bought that. It was red and blue and had a big fridge and smallish freezer with an Ice Maker, which is something that Rainbow always wanted.

"Wow!", said Rainbow, "An ice maker!"

They arranged to have it delivered to the new place.

The next day, it arrived and the installer said the funniest thing, "I don't know why people buy two fridges."

"Two?", said Rainbow.

"Yes, two", said the installer,"Didn't you notice this one here?" while pointing at the closet.

"No, we didn't.", said Posie.

"Does it have an ice maker", said Rainbow.

"Looks like it,", said the installer, George.

"Well, I'll be."

To be continued tomorrow!

As the two refrigerators hummed quietly in the kitchen, side by side. Rainbow and Posie knew they had a problem. What would they do with 2 refrigerators?

Maybe the problem wasn't the 2 refrigerators but maybe they just needed more food in the house.

But they could only eat so much. So why would they have that much food. Clearly, they needed roommates.

So, they told their friends in the forest that they needed a few roommates and do you know who wanted to move in?

Well, it turned out that Rainbow and Posie had parents. And they needed a place to live. So Rainbow and Posie decided to invite them to come live with them.

And so they did, they moved in, bringing all their stuff with them and they all lived together happily.

The End!

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